The time is proper for spring garden care

It is about the right time to do a small function on your lawn if it demands it. According to Paul Sachs, the owner of North Place Organics and the author of a number of publications on garden treatment, if you want to fill in bare places, hold out until the garden greens up soon after wintertime. And then have at it.

This dead spot was caused by compacted soil, the result of too many footsteps when the lawn was wet.

To deal with bare spots, I use a small-tined backyard garden rake to scuff up the soil. Then I scatter some seed with my hand, just sprinkling it about the spot. Next I sprinkle a slender layer of compost or wonderful backyard soil over the seed. Not also a lot most grasses need to have sunshine on the seed to germinate. If you bury it underneath an inch of soil, it will not do effectively. At last, pat it down lightly with your foot or with a steel tamper.

This tamper is useful for lightly packing down seeded areas.

It is crucial that the seed not dry out while it is acquiring ready to mature, so many persons shade the seed with a fine layer of hay or straw. Of class, hay has seeds, so straw is superior, albeit extra highly-priced. You can leave the straw and just let the seed mature through it. Afterwards, when you mow the lawn, it will vanish.

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