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ST. PAUL — Investigation scientists proceed to audio the alarm about leaping worms, an invasive species of earthworms that arrived much more than 10 years back. At this time of year, gardeners are an vital line of protection.

Jumping worms stay in the major quite a few inches of soil and bring about critical erosion.

“They can really switch up that prime layer,” said Ryan Hueffmeier, professor at the University of Minnesota, and application director of the Boulder Lake Environmental Finding out Middle. “They can switch that best layer of soil into one thing like coffee grounds. And what occurs is, you get a huge rain, all that soil gets washed out.”

Hueffmeier strongly endorses that gardeners do their homework to prevent bringing jumping worms dwelling. They must examine with gardening source retailers to uncover out where they source mulch. In addition to hunting around mulch brought home from the store, gardeners ought to inspect crops more than a 7 days before putting them in the floor.

Hueffmeier recommends gardeners examine their mulch pile in particular if it seems to have a free consistency like that of espresso grounds or cat litter, which could suggest leaping worms have eaten as a result of it.

In spring, the worms are just rising from their cocoons. Juvenile jumping worms can be challenging to tell apart from other earthworms.

“They’re genuinely compact worms that are seriously tough to discover at this time of year. And they variety of appear like the European earthworms that we have grown up with and they are, they’re a little more durable to discover,” Hueffmeier.

By mid-summer months the invasive worms experienced, and turn out to be simpler to establish. A light colored-band nearer the head of the experienced leaping worm distinguishes it from European earthworms. Individuals clean, gentle-coloured bands go all away around on a jumping worm. Those people fascinated in creating a beneficial ID, will recognize that the easy band is noticeably closer on the entrance of a leaping worm.

They’re also bushy. Hueffmeier said you may possibly have to get up close with a magnifying glass or snap a close-up photograph to see the hair on the segments of its physique. A jumping worm has a comprehensive bristle all the way all over that light-colored section, as opposed to a European earthworm which has only a couple.

Last but not least, jumping worms stay up to their name. “They’re strong. They can really bounce or glance like they are leaping all-around,” Hueffmeier mentioned. “That movement is one thing that will capture people’s eye.”

They also have a tail that separates from their bodies when caught.

The greatest way to dispose of them? Seal them in a plastic bag, and throw them in the trash. That goes for fishermen as well, Anglers really should make guaranteed not to use jumping worms when likely fishing. Turns out, they really do not make excellent bait.

Anyone can assist scientists and scientists with mapping in which the species has been located throughout the condition. If you imagine you have discovered leaping worms, the Minnesota DNR asks you to take high resolution pictures, showing the ring close to the worm’s system in relation to its head, and report them employing, or speak to the DNR at (888)-646-6367 or


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