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Growing Grapes – A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Grapes From Home

Are you interested in learning how to grow grapes? If so then take a few minutes to read through this article which covers the basics on grape growing and grape gardening.

Do Your Roses Make the Grade? – Buying Good Quality Roses

Do you know that not all roses are created equal? It is true, so before you hop in your car and go to the nearest garden center or nursery, for new rose bushes you should consider a few interesting aspects of growing good quality roses. For instance, the size of your garden, the types of roses that grown best in your area and the particular variety of roses you will enjoy tending to in your own garden.

The Basics in Getting Ready for Your Spring Rose Gardening

It is joy that we greet the arrival of spring, after a long cold winter season. You should enjoy your cool spring morning stroll around your rose gardens to find out how well they survived the winter. As soon as the weather becomes warmer, you will see green canes spouting new buds. Each growth will bring with it the bounty of rose blossoms all season long.

The Cascades (Kengai) is a Form of Bonsai

The cascade is on the most basic a style patterned from plants and trees that grow above and on the sides of mountains and steep cliffs. These trees are noted for their downward bending position, which by nature is caused by a number of factors, including falling rocks and snow.

Bonsai Style – Formal Upright (Chokkan)

The formal upright style is by far the most basic in the bonsai forms. Being the most basic, it is expected for this style to be done easily and quickly.

Container Gardening – Easy Steps to Successful Container Gardening

One of the more popular forms of gardening, as of late, is called container gardening. Here are a few ways that you can successfully grow plants and create treasures throughout your home with this new gardening fad.

Garden Composting – The Easy Way to Compost

With the rise of increasing amounts of pesticides and other chemical imbalances in our industrialized food, there is a quiet movement that is growing more loudly each day in the organic gardening field: garden composting. Here are a few tips on how you can begin to create a very rich soil for your new garden through composting the easy way.

Orchid Care

Learn what others could only dream about know. Orchid care that will make your flowers burst with color and live a healthier, longer life. The complete history and care of orchids.

Hybrid Tea Rose – About Roses

Have you always wanted to plant new types of flowers in your garden? Think Tea Roses for your garden. The tea rose is a very small type of rose and it doesn’t get a lot of hype. This is not a plant that is going to take a lot of your time when it comes to pruning, but it still is a rose bush. You’ll still need to take care of it like a rose bush.

Perennial Wildflowers

You will find that there are many different kinds of wild flowers; however, they do come in perennials, annuals, and biennials. You will want to consider what you can do with the wild flower and how you can use them to make your yard look fantastic.

Choosing Plants For A School Garden – Guidelines For Getting It Right

In a school garden, there are some plants that should be removed on safety grounds, and others that can and should be tolerated. Here is a guide for the perplexed schoolteacher.

Garden Accessories – Green & Gorgeous

Going green is good for the planet, good for your conscience and now you can go green in style. Looking after your own green space is one of the best ways to start helping the planet and we’ve found some great eco-friendly garden accessories that look fantastic.

Pruning a Bonsai

When you are growing a bonsai tree, you may have observed that the bottom does not grow as fast as the top, a “phenomenon” known as apical dominance. This makes pruning a bonsai a necessary process in order to enhance its growth and maintain its shape.

Worm Compost – Why Worm Composting Works

Did you know that worms will take your organic garbage and transform it almost magically into a type of compost? Here are a few things you should know about worm compost that will show you why it works and how you can do this yourself.

The Landscape Design of Your Garden Can Be Fun For Everyone Involved

If you want to do something new and fresh with the landscape design that surrounds your home and garden, then you might be tempted to immediately call for professional help. But, the reality is that no one is as well-suited as you are when it comes to designing the lawn and garden spaces that you and your family will use and enjoy. The fact is that the best landscape plans always begin with the needs and the preferences of the homeowner and the family.

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