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The Hamock – Are You Ready For Fun Garden Furniture

The idyllic picture of someone lazing away in a garden hammock is enough to make even the most driven of us stop and ponder for a few seconds. Consider the luxury of a hammock for your garden.

The Hows and Whys About Compost Bins

Ever wondered how you can do the right thing when it comes to the environment? Have you thought about composting and how you can positively impact landfill and greenhouses gases? Here is some useful information about composting and how to choose the right compost bin for you.

Decorative Bird Feeders: Sanctuary for Birds, Good Sights for Spectators

Bird feeders don’t have to be boring – learn about some of the great decorative bird feeders that can add pizzaz – and birds – to your garden.

The Elegant Beauty of a Butterfly Garden

There are a number of different garden types, with the most poplar types being vegetable and flower gardens. There are also hundreds of flower varieties which you can plant depending on your taste and the climate of your area. There is also a type of garden where gardeners plant flowers that are known to attract butterflies. Have you ever seen a butterfly garden before?

How to Use the Science of Radionics to Control Pests in Your Garden

Interest in organic foods and organic gardening has finally become so mainstream that even Wal Mart is starting to carry organic products. One of the ongoing challenges is pest control. There have been some fascinating advances in pest control…

Lawn Aeration Benefits

Aerating your lawn is one of the most important things you can do to keep your lawn healthy and attractive. According to the Lawn Institute, the aerification process reduces thatch build-up in your lawn and opens passageways for air, water and nutrients to reach grass roots. In drought conditions, aeration allows moisture to reach thirsty roots. During times of heavy rain, aeration allows air to penetrate the turf and dry up excess moisture before it becomes a source of disease.

The Top Myth Every Successful Orchid Grower Needs to Avoid

There’s a myth floating around out there about the best way to grow orchids. Do you know what it is? I explain it in this article, so you too can grow gorgeous orchids that produce beautiful flowers year after year.

Tips For Designing Interior Courtyard Gardens

Designing interior courtyards requires special attention to the vertical space to keep them from feeling closed or boxed in. Here are a few helpful guidelines to follow for designing the walls of interior courtyards.

Why Mulching Needs To Be Part Of Your Organic Gardening System

The word “mulch” comes from the old English word “melsc” – meaning rotten hay. In today’s language it has come to mean any material that covers the soil to preserve moisture content, prevent soil erosion and inhibit weed growth. For organic gardening I choose materials that will break down over time, feeding my plants and contributing to the amount of humus in the soil.

Choosing and Caring for Teak Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to choosing a material to use for your outdoor furniture, you have many options to choose from: metal, plastic, cedar, oak, and of course teak. Teak is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it can withstand the weather and the wood becomes even more beautiful as it ages season after season.

Why Choose Red Cedar?

Why choose Red Cedar? That is an excellent question! Cedar comes in a wide variety of colors including white, gold, silver or tan.

Clean Glass Bird Feeders Mean More Birds

Glass bird feeders are great, but how do you keep them clean? Here are some tips on how to clean your glass bird feeders.

If You Really Want A Beautiful Rose Garden Then Make Sure You Have The Right Rose Gardening Tools

Although it’s possible to grow roses without any specialized equipment, it’s easier to cultivate beautiful roses with proper rose gardening tools. The good news is that many of the tools you use for gardening can also be used for your roses, but you do still need the right tools.

Site The Greenhouse – Orientation and Location

Make sure before you build the greenhouse that the site you choose is the best one. A lot of thought must be put into the location and orientation of the greenhouse.

Winter Care For Water Fountains And Statuary

Winter is upon us now is the time to take care of you outdoor fountains. Below are some tips to help you do that.

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