The new face of gardening usually takes position at the Chelsea Flower Display

With London’s Chelsea Flower exhibit opening to the community on Tuesday 24 May well, Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee is marked with a specific ‘floral portrait’ created making use of her favorite flower: lily of the valley.

The themes of sustainability and mental health and fitness are also on display screen. Designer John Warland has developed an ‘Ice Garden’ with a towering block of melting ice at its centre, containing plants germinated from seeds identified in melting Arctic permafrost. Elsewhwere, Jason Williams, recognized as the ‘Cloud Gardener’ for his work on balcony gardens, hopes to inspire other folks to acquire up gardening as an assist for their mental wellness.

It was unclear whether the Queen, aged 96, would go to this year’s gardening party but she arrived at the exhibit soon ahead of 6pm. She was pushed close to the location in a buggy.

The Queen smiled at the crowd and looked terrific.

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