The Maine-Designed Hand Instrument Each Gardener Really should Have

By Adrienne Perron
From our April 2022 situation

When Gary and Kay Campbell started off their stone- and woodworking enterprise, Rustic Workbench, in 2005, a person of the very first things Gary designed was a dibble ($25). The Jefferson-dependent Campbells, avid gardeners, realized how valuable the oft-forgotten small hand software could be. Simple and functional, a dibble appears like a wooden carrot, its pointy end for driving into the ground. The notched marks together its aspect assistance gardeners plant seed at appropriate depths, guaranteeing correct humidity and soil temps, and dibbles can also aerate soil and make watering holes for vegetation. Gary is a dibble evangelist: like gardening gloves, he says, they keep one’s hands from having filthy or roughed up in the soil, and they are as fantastic as a trowel at maintaining soil from compacting, which can stunt plant progress. “It’s just awesome to have all of these issues in a single device,” Gary suggests.

He turns his handsome dibbles from ash, a durable wooden strong more than enough to be hammered into stony soil, then applies a mineral-oil end to reduce cracking (it is a superior concept for dibble homeowners to refinish each year). Some dibbles are chunky, but Rustic Workbench retains them thinner, so they’re effortlessly stashed in a gardener’s pocket and can make a a lot more exact hole (for a bigger 1, just swirl it all around a couple instances). “The dibble is an extremely-straightforward resolution to a lot of challenges,” Gary says. “It’s absolutely nothing fancy, but it does what it wants to do.”

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