The Grinch Loves Living Christmas Trees

How to Turn an Ordinary Storage Shed Into a Garden Potting Shed

If you have a big enough outdoor storage shed, it can easily be turned into a very useful and comfortable garden potting shed with just a few small changes. Let’s look at some of those ideas.

All About Chickweed Attacks

Most weeds are usually easy targets due to the fast early spring that makes them grow in the garden. Chickweed is known to be one of the most common weeds that usually take over the fringes and lawn of the garden beds.

The Carolina Jasmine is One Plant Sure to Brighten Up Your Garden Or Landscape

The Carolina jasmine is a favorite vine for many gardeners for a many reasons. Some are attracted to the color it adds to a landscape. Others enjoy the softly scented flower that bloom early spring each year.

The Basics of Starting an Organic Garden

Everyone from young to old can enjoy the rewards of Organic Gardening. Both as a relaxing hobby, and something that is very rewarding. There is a great deal of satisfaction in producing fruits and vegetables right from your own backyard garden.

Organic Gardening – Growing Crops That Preform As a Natural Method of Pest Control in Your Garden

Tips you should know about growing crops that will preform as a natural method of pest control in your garden. Your garden can have it’s own natural method of pest control by simply planting crops that repel pests.

Bonsai Pots

Wondering about the right bonsai pot for your bonsai tree? Well let us try and understand the importance of choosing the appropriate bonsai pot for a bonsai tree, and what a vital role it plays in deciding the overall looks of your bonsai tree.

Want to Get Rid of Destructive Garden Pests? Just Try These Natural Methods

Many beneficial insects and other animals can be attracted to your landscape and become useful allies in your battle against garden pests. In addition, they are not harmful to the environment or humans.

How to Improve Sandy Soil Organically

Learn how to improve the sandy nutrient deficient dirt in your garden for the upcoming growing season the all natural organic way the way Mother Nature intended. You’ll find out what you need to do and how to go about doing it to turn sandy soil into rich loam.

Taking Care of Orchids in the Summertime Can Be Fun

Taking care of orchids can be the most difficult and the most fun part about growing orchids. Discover these secrets to taking care of orchids during the summertime to get the most beautiful flowers to thrive during this season.

Constructing the Perfect Decking – An Asset to Any Garden

OK, so you have decided that you want some decking in the garden. A quick measure up, work out the area, get some decking planks and a few joists for the frame and away you go! STOP! Rushing things through without proper planning will lead to headaches later.

Growing Garlic – Can I Use Garlic I Buy at the Store?

Growing garlic is becoming more popular every day among gardeners and cooks, and there is a good reason for that. It not only taste great, but it’s good for you, too. Easy to grow, each planted clove will produce a full head of garlic with between 8 to 20 cloves per head. With all of the benefits of growing garlic, many people wonder if you can plant the garlic you purchase at your local grocery store.

Greening Your Yard – Make Your Yard Look Great Without the Carbon Footprint

If yards could talk, there no doubt that many would simply say, “Hi, I’m Bill and Mary’s yard and I have a substance abuse problem.” Thanks to our desire for the exotic and unusual plants coupled with the desire to protect our lush landscaping, it’s no wonder we’ve developed habits that leave behind one heck of a carbon footprint. But not to worry: there are a number of options available for making your lawn more “green” without losing its green.

5 Things to Consider When You Start a Vegetable Garden

If you have never grown vegetables before you will soon discover that the work is labour intensive, but also very rewarding. Certainly when you start to learn about how to vegetable garden there is no real difference between this and growing herbs or flowers.

Different Kinds of Orchids For Beginners

There are many types of orchids that you can grow if you are a beginner to orchid growing. You will learn the best types of orchids that are easy to grow if you are an amateur at gardening. Discover how to grow these orchids and build your own orchid garden.

5 Tips For Successful Spring Lawn Care

Start the spring off right with good lawn care and your lawn will thank you by growing green and beautiful during the spring and summer seasons. Spring lawn care is important in that it is the time when you can catch, diagnose, and fix any grass problems such as crabgrass. The good news is that spring lawn care can be completed in 5 simple steps. Make sure you follow these steps each year when spring rolls out and your lawn will start looking better and better each year!

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