The Fall Equinox and What it Means for Your Gardens

The Most Common Diseases that Plague Deciduous Trees

Broadleaf tree’s are also affected by diseases. Learn about the most common ones.

The Depth of an Evergreen Tree’s Roots

The evergreen tree is one of the most popular trees that are used in home landscaping. An evergreen tree is a symbol of beauty and simplicity. The evergreen tree provides the winter landscape with color even during the coldest of months.

The Manufacturing Plant

Can you imagine an engineer who had the job to produce a delicate and complicated piece of machinery or even a manufacturing plant, which was reliable in all forms of weather (sun, wind, rain, storm, hail and snow)? Every process was to be totally mechanised and automated, as the labour and maintenance budget available for the production line was nil.

How to Build a Compost Pile

Building a compost pile is as easy as throwing away your carrot peels. Just choose a place in your yard to build your compost pile, preferably tucked away in a corner or somewhere where the smell of the compost won’t interfere with your enjoyment of the yard, and start depositing your biodegradable kitchen waste.

Japanese Garden Design Is Quite Simple If You Do This

Few understand what Japanese garden really is. Would you believe that it isn’t first about beauty?

Beginner Bonsai Plants

Way to go! You have decided to try your hand at Bonsai plants. While the whole concept does seem rather intimidating there are a few keys to help your succeed. Find a good basic guide to the care of the Bonsai either at your local library, bookstore, or online. When purchasing your Bonsai do not go to the garden superstore for your tree. Many of these Bonsai have been sitting on the shelves uncared for and will die fairly quickly. Look for a Bonsai club in your town and contact them for the best place to make a purchase. Or, you might be able to find a garden store that specializes in Bonsai. Finally it is best to choose a Bonsai that is fairly easy to care for so it will boost your confidence. Below is a list of trees you might want to try!

How To Care For Your Juniper Bonsai

The most common of Bonsai, the Juniper Bonsai Tree is a very forgiving plant that will put up with a beginners mistakes and still flourish. Here is how to take care of it.

What About Natural Pest Control Products?

If left to its own devices everything on the land surface of our planet would be crawling with insects. We humans are constantly at war with these insects, but in reality we understand that if the balance of insect life in our world were compromised we would be in trouble.

Organic Garden Pest Control Using Natural Insecticides

Looking at past reputations of organic produce we see fruit and vegetables that were seemingly inferior in quality than the mass produced synthetic insecticide sprayed type, but this comes at a cost, to our environment and our health. This is why organic farming is becoming very popular.

Plant Ladders

Old or even broken timber ladders can be put to a number of new uses around the home, shed or garden. Among the ideas you could explore are pot plant or storage stands, climber frames, storage racks and pot plant hanger racks.

Snail and Slug Control

Here are some simple ways to assist you in getting better control of those pesky but slow moving pests of the garden world. Snail Baits…

Insecticides – Damaging Our Soils – Damaging Our Health?

Are you damaging your health by using synthetic insecticides? You do not have to use chemicals to get fantastic results in your garden, look into natural insecticides, you may be surprised.

What Is Your Garden Costing You?

It can be a scary exercise to sit down and work out exactly what is spent every year, on the average home gardens and lawns. Try adding up the costs of plants, weedicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilisers, petrol, mower and trimmer maintenance,

Bulb Planting For Beginners

Plant your bulbs where they will get a minimum of six hours of sun a day. Also, make sure the soil is not too dense. Heavy soil just makes it hard for the tulips to push themselves through to the surface. Plant the bulbs so that you have five bulbs per square foot of garden. If your bed is four feet by four feet, then you will need 80 bulbs.

The Benefits Of Miniature Bamboo

Add some serenity to your garden with miniature bamboo, a great addition to any home environment! The popularity of miniature bamboo is on the rise given it’s qualities to enhance either an outdoor garden setting or as an indoor plant.

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