The Doctor is in the House – How to Heal Sick Plants

The Art Of Growing Flowers

In these days of massive development and modernization where space is of premium, finding houses with gardens is rare. Fortunate are those who manage to inherit or are able to afford property which has a fair amount of land around, that can be used to make a beautiful garden that adds to the look of the house.

Get Your Green Thumb To Make Money For You

Setting up a small green house as a hobby is a totally different ball game from making a business out of it in the form of a commercial green house. If you have the right aptitude, attitude and resources and are willing to put in the hard work and commitment that is required in managing a commercial green house you will be able to make a very profitable business out of it. Unlike a small standard green house that can be set up using minimum available space and resources, building a commercial greenhouse is almost like setting …

Hydroponic Gardening – Basic Requirements That You Need To Know

When you plan to build your own hydroponic system or purchase a starter’s kit, it is important to bear in mind that you are not only just getting a container or a tray, putting your plants in it and supplying the plants with water and nutrients. There are two primary objectives that you need to achieve in hydroponic gardening.

A Rock Garden Adds Beauty To Your Property

A rock garden adds new beauty to your garden decor. A gravel path with a rocky border or maybe a retaining wall. Its the character of your garden that counts.

Does Your Lawn Need Watering?

No matter where you live you will probably go through a dry spell and your lawn will turn brown. Should you wait for Mother Nature to water it or should you step in and water it yourself? Even though your lawn is brown and dried up, one good rain will bring it right back to life.

Growing Large Tomatoes Isn’t That Hard

My mom and grandparents always had good luck when growing large tomatoes. Late summer and early fall at our house brought us fresh, delectable tomatoes to eat. My mom would can these at home to use throughout the year, even though I didn’t exactly relish eating them.

Planning And Planting Your Flower Garden

A flower garden takes some planning and work. The reward, however, is well worth it. Bright colors in your garden, and cut flowers for bouquets, all summer long.

Practical Lawn Care Education

When you are strolling by a lawn you take for guaranteed that grass cares for itself and never stop a minute to think that something looking so simple as grass is a organism, the end of a long chain of biological process that may involve various science for analyzing and understanding the wonderful relations of the plants soil and environment. Beginning is truly a challenge.

Selecting Roses As Part Of A Landscape Garden Design

Successfully growing roses has much to do with preparing the soil properly, and maintaining the plants correctly. It all starts though with clearly understanding the roses’ design function in the garden composition.

Does Your Lawn Need Fertilizer?

Mother Nature has ways of fertilizing your lawn but sometimes your lawn still needs help from you to be lush and green. During lightning storms nitrogen atoms are released which are then absorbed by the rain. When the rain hits your lawn, the nitrogen goes into the soil and your lawn is fertilized.

A Basic Herb Garden – The Basics of a Typical Herb Garden

A basic herb garden is easy to create and it can be made in a small amount of space. If you live in an apartment or you have a small back yard you can still have a basic herb garden for daily use. There are a few things that you will plan for your basic herb garden.

Vegan Organic Gardening

People in the present era are becoming really conscious about the food they eat. Food is one thing that has a long lasting effect on your health. If the food you eat is healthy, you will remain healthy for a long period of time in your life. If what you are eating is not healthy, you may start suffering from various diseases as the old age approaches.

Organic Herb Gardening

It is not at all expensive to grow organic herb gardens. You will find your local garden having all required herbs grown available with you itself. You can easily start growing organic herb garden and you will find all required supplies present with you.

Growing Orchids Under Lights – Using Artificial Lighting To Grow Your Orchids

Growing orchids under lights can be far more efficient than using natural light sources. It results in larger flowers and blooms more often. The process is a science though. This article will give you some good advice on learning how to grow orchids under lights.

Orchid Diseases – Learn About Common Disease With Orchids

As with any plant, orchids are prone to diseases that can effect their ability to flower and mature as fast as possible. This article will let you know how to spot some common disease, and what that disease might mean for your plant.

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