The Changes are Getting Greater! Freedom Ranger vs. Cornish Cross Meat Chickens… Just the FACTS!!

Hopseed Bush Or Dodonaea Viscosa, Fast Growing Drought Resistant Screen Shrubs

Dodonaea viscosa or Hopseed Bush is a great drought tolerant, fast growing screen plant. These drought resistant shrubs grow fast to about 10 feet tall, take full sun to part shade and once established, can survive on rainfall alone. This makes them a valuable landscape plant especially in areas hit with water restrictions or drought. Hopseed bushes have an open, airy growth habit with a lacy, willowy feel.

Garden Pruners That Make Life Easy

Not everyone who loves gardening has the same feelings of affection when it comes to pruning tough, woody stems with hand pruners that make your hands hurt after pruning too many plants. This goes especially for the elderly or those whose hands are weakened through conditions such as arthritis or hand related accidents. In these cases, pruning becomes a real chore, so it makes sense to look around for alternatives that will make the task of pruning a more enjoyable one. There are two or three options to look at here.

Growing Herbs in Pots – One Adjustment

All herbs can be successfully grown in pots, but as you may have suspected, there are some tweaks you may need to make if you plan to do this. All herbs require the three essentials of herb gardening, water, sun, and soil (of course they each have different requirements and variations of each). When growing herbs in pots, these three things are affected somewhat.

Tips on Building a Homemade Compost Bin For Red Wigglers

When you’re building a homemade compost bin for Red Wigglers, you have to take some factors into consideration. First of all, the bin must be easy to use; second, it has to be efficient in a way that will insure a safe and healthy atmosphere for raising Eisenia Foetida.

Discover Nature’s Super Food For Gorgeous Plants and Bountiful Crops

Did you know that most chickens produce one egg every twenty-four hours? It’s true and amazing to think you can have your own freshly produce egg each morning. The same chicken can produce about 1 cubic foot of chicken manure every six months or so.

How to Take the Headache Out of Making Compost Tea

Many people have asked, “what exactly is compost tea”? So what is it, you ask. Compost tea is a process by which normal compost is broken-down in water for roughly five days. Once it has matured it can then be used to feed plants, but not the type you would eat. The tea can be used direct on the soil, or applied through a spray bottle.

If You Can Lick a Stamp You Can Successfully Raise Compost Worms

The bedding should be wet down with water to the consistency of a damp kitchen sponge. Grab a handful and squeeze it tightly, a drop or two should be extracted from your efforts.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Breeding Earthworms For Gardening Use

Remember in the day when you used earthworms to scare your sister and other girls from the neighborhood? Hopefully you no longer scare the neighborhood women and realize the value worms are to your garden and environment. There are two types of earthworms, both are great for worm composting. In a moment we will take a closer look at both varieties.

Warning – Do Not Follow Any Growing Cucumber Advice – Until You Read This Report

If you’d like to grow a tasty crop of cucumbers, here’s some advice to help you along. When growing cucumbers plant them in an area that gets several hours of direct sunlight daily. The cucumber can be grown on a trellis in the smallest of space.

Secrets on Growing Bonsai Trees in This Galaxy

Space – what a frontier! These are the voyages from a bonsai enterprise. Actually, this voyage is to decide on the space for growing bonsai trees.

Growing Grape Vines – Dramatically Increase Your Success – 5 Key Secrets You Absolutely Must Know!

This article outlines 5 crucial secrets you must know when growing grape vines. These will get you well on the way to achieving sensational results.

The Secret to Growing Black-Eyed Peas

When growing black-eyed peas you will find they are fairly free of pests and disease. However, if crops are not rotated…

A Potting Table is a Great Help to Novice Gardeners

If you are thinking about gardening as a hobby, you are joining many people around the world who have renewed interest in growing their own plants. By buying the right equipment, a novice can find gardening to be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby.

To Grow Aloe Vera Successfully You Must Know These 3 Things

Aloe Vera is a hardy plant however, learning how to water, re-pot and fertilize your Aloe Vera for maximum results will treat you will a beautiful plant. That is what you will get from reading this article.

Urban Homesteading Today

Urban homesteading today is a way to be self sufficient and lead a sustainable lifestyle. In this economy, who can you count on?

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