The BEST Garden We NEVER Planted!!!

Growing Roses From Cuttings

As you relax on your patio early in the morning with a cup of coffee, the dew from your favorite rose is raised by the morning sun – truly a beautiful sight to behold. You find yourself wishing there was some way you can cut a branch off that beautiful plant and grow another one just like it.

Vegetable Garden Cultivation

By properly maintaining your garden, you will accomplish three things: Weeds are kept at bay, so that they don’t shade or absorb plant food and moisture away from the vegetable plants. Surface soil is kept in an excellent condition for resisting drought, preventing evaporation of moisture from the soil into the air. Insoluble plant food is converted into soluble (or absorbable) plant food through the action of fermentation, which is increased by loosening the soil to let in air.

How to Revive Wilting Cut Roses

Roses should always be cut with a very sharp pair of clean shears. If they aren’t sharp they will damage the rose’s stem by crushing it. Roses should be cut before 3pm in the afternoon as they need to use the early part of the day to store nutrients. Once a bud is fully opened it is too late to cut. Ideally a rose bud should not be more than open or a half open. To aid in the nourishment of the rose whilst standing in water at least three leaves should be left on the stem. Cut off all leaves on the stem below the water line as these will rot and poison the water. Once the water starts getting cloudy it should be replaced with clean hot water.

Use Decorative Garden Edging to Set Your Garden Apart From the Landscape

There are many different types of gardens that people choose to grow. Some people choose to grow an herb garden, others choose to grow a vegetable garden, while still others choose to raise a garden full of beautiful flowers. Any of these types of arrangements can be made quite attractive with the addition of some decorative garden edging. This type of edging can be found in all types of materials and styles to make your particular garden an aesthetically pleasing spot.

Growing Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are real, true roses. Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. They are just bred to a smaller standard and are more compact. They are just as beautiful.

A Vegetable Gardening Basic

Whether you want to grow a vegetable garden for the cost savings or the health benefits, gardening can be very rewarding. The easiest type of garden bed to start with is a raised bed. It can be made of many different things. My personal favorite are railroad beams. They are a nice height, very workable, and look nice too, but you can make your raised bed out of other things as well as long as they can hold the dirt.

Organic Rose Gardening

In recent times, organic rose gardening has become the in thing between enthusiasts, and why not considering that man has been growing roses for thousands of years without the help of any chemicals. The truth is; you can have a magnificent rose garden without having to depend on any chemicals whatsoever. In fact, apart from being safer for your children and pets, an organic garden will also help to increase the longevity of your roses.

Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #4

Once your intermittent mist system is properly installed, the only thing left is to set the program you want it to follow. Once set, the system will follow that program with little to no intervention.

Hydroponic Gardening Using Automated Hydroponics

Hydroponics, as you probably already know, means growing plants in water instead of soil. Hydroponic gardening has a lot of advantages over the traditional soil garden. For instance, plants can be grown all year with hydroponics, rather than seasonal like traditional methods.

Garden’s Best Organic Pest Control

Have you ever wondered why you bother to plant gardens, whether they be flower or vegetable, because all that happens is the once beautiful garden turns into a smorgasbord for every bug from miles around? Well, I’m going to share with you the best thing I’ve found for bugs.

Composting Bin – Why You Need a Worm Composting Bin

The concepts of recycling and composting are directly related, especially if you are a gardener that is using a composting bin. Here are a few reasons why you need your own worm composting bin.

The Benefits of Solexx Panels Over Ordinary Glass Panels For Greenhouses

Do you have a greenhouse that you use often to grow plants in? If so, then you are probably aware of the problem with using purely glass greenhouse panels to provide the sunlight and heat for plants: the light can form hot spots that can kill off plants fairly easily. With Solexx greenhouse panels, on the other hand, these hot spots will not occur. It does this by diffusing the light to spread over a large area so that the sunlight will not be concentrated on any single spot. The result? Healthier plants that do not wither easily and grow more vigorously.

Caring For Knockout Roses

How to grow and care for knockout roses! Knockout roses are the most recent entry into the rose family.

Preparing Your Vegetable Garden Soil

It seems that you can select the perfect location for your garden, only to find it has the soil in need of the most preparation. Unfortunately, find the best soil in your backyard, and it’s in the worst possible location.

Which Type of Fertilizer is Right For Your Garden?

The kind of fertilizer used with your garden will have a marked influence on the taste and quality of the vegetables it produces. In the garden, only fertilizers specifically prepared for use with food crops should be applied. Organic fertilizers, such as those made with barnyard manure, should be fully fermented (or rotted) before being used.

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