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Dear Neil: I have a extremely large, previous pecan tree in our pasture. Seedlings have appear up beneath it. Do you imagine I can pull or dig some of them up and replant them? Will they endure the approach?

A: I never know if the mother tree is an enhanced selection or just a indigenous pecan, but these seedlings most absolutely would be natives. Not that there is nearly anything mistaken with native pecans, but you really do not have any way of realizing what type or good quality of fruit they will make until finally they commence bearing (if they do).

As to digging the seedlings, if they’re brief plenty of (significantly less than 4 or 5 ft) and if you lifted them carefully with a sharpshooter spade to go them, you may well do really perfectly. Keep soil all over their roots, and trim their tops again by 50 % soon after the dig to compensate for the roots that are shed. It’s going to be rather a shock when you dig them. Truthfully, if you simply want native pecans, you would get even bigger trees more rapidly if you were being just to plant pecans that you gathered from beneath the tree now. Plant them an inch or 2 deep and 40 or 50 ft aside and specifically where you want them, if possible not in straight rows.

Pricey Neil: My daughter is forwarding a photograph of my inadequate very little maple tree listed here in the Texas Hill Country. Is there any opportunity it will survive the destruction finished by previous winter’s chilly?

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