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A: Early spring, just as the weather conditions is warming and crops are starting up to grow actively.

Pricey Neil: I had a attractive golden rain tree that was ruined by the February cold. This spring it dropped major chunks of bark and I assumed I had misplaced it. Now it is striving to mail out sprouts from its foundation. I was organizing to go away the primary trunk and perhaps tie up the new advancement to it to enable it regrow into a good tree. Do you have any solutions?

A: You really have a Chinese flame tree (Koelreuteria bipinnata), in some cases identified as southern golden raintree. It is decidedly less cold-hardy than the northern golden rain tree, and this year’s winter killed 1000’s of them again in the southern 50 % of the point out. If I had your tree, I would take away the aged trunk promptly and retrain the strongest new shoot as it develops future spring. The root technique was not damaged by the cold, so the new development must occur out vigorously. If you were being to go away the outdated trunk in place it would be pretty much difficult to extricate it afterwards.

Pricey Neil: I shed one particular Texas mountain laurel in the previous 30 times and it appears like two extra are on their way. They survived the large freeze, but now they seem like this. What could be producing this?

A: The 1st matter I discover in your images is that the plants are each escalating in incredibly shaded locations. Texas mountain laurel is indigenous to sizzling, sunny hillsides in arid parts of the point out. Nonetheless, abnormal shade would not eliminate plants out of the blue like this. I really do imagine this is latent freeze destruction. We are looking at quite a few crops that have cratered in late summertime and fall from the effects of damage from February’s cold.

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