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Homemade Compost Bins – How to Build a Compost Tumbler

Not everyone is privileged of having his or her own compost pile in their backyard, so I’m going to discuss some info on how homemade compost bins are done and how to compost in a garbage container used as a compost tumbler. Composting is not as hard and as expensive as it looks – not like what we see on TV and those catalogue for organic gardening tools.

How to Select Your First Bonsai Tree

I had my first bonsai tree a couple of years ago and now, it is still here with me together with my other bonsai trees. I love bonsai trees. I provide them with proper bonsai care to make them grow beautifully.

Getting Started in Composting – 3 Things to Remember

Composting is one of the most natural things in this world, and it’s far easier to do then you think. Sometimes, you accidentally compost in your vegetable drawer without meaning to and you end up with goo in the plastic bags. Or perhaps you pile up leaves in the corner of the yard, and by spring, they’ve completely disintegrated. That’s composting.

What Do I Do With Compost?

We’ve all heard we should make compost and it’s “black gold.” But what do you do with it? And what is it supposed to look like, anyway?

How to Grow Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are widely cultivated in different places around the world. Raising bell peppers is very easy since it’s seedlings do not need a lot of special attention.

Divide Your Perennials Every 3 to 4 Years For More and Bigger Flowers

Perennial flowers are a great addition to the garden. You don’t have to plant them new every year and every year they grow larger and produce more and more blooms. Eventually the number of flowers they produce becomes less and less. When that happens, it’s time to dig them up and divide them.

Coffee Grounds – Why You Need Coffee Grounds For Your Organic Garden

Coffee grounds are one of the most useful fertilizers that you can use in your organic garden. Here are a few tips on how to use coffee grounds from your daily java in your soil to improve your soil and the plants you grow.

Online Organic Gardening Tips

Now that you know that you are going to begin your organic garden, you should search for a way to gather organic gardening tips. Organic gardening is harder than it appears, and if you think it’s just a matter of sprinkling some seeds and water, you are wrong. You need some good organic gardening tips to make it happen.

Organic Is the Real Dirt

Organic gardening means different things to different people. All agree that it means avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. But the philosophy and practice of organic gardening often goes far beyond that simple concept. Growing organic food, flowers, and landscapes represents a commitment to a sustainable system of living in harmony with nature. For many people, organic gardening is a way of life.

Creating Your Own Little Garden by Growing Vegetables in Containers

Perhaps you have passed an attractive looking vegetable garden and given a sigh of disappointment that you are not in a position to create a similar garden since you live in an apartment block? The lack of a plot of land need not be an obstacle to having your own vegetable garden; just as flowers can be growing on a window sill in flower pots, people who don’t have their own gardens can also easily grow vegetables in containers on their balcony or patio.

Growing Peppers For Fun and For Self Consumption!

Over the last few decades a growing awareness of the health value of eating fresh peppers has developed, and since they are an easy plant to grow it is not hard to understand how they have become a popular choice for growing in vegetable patches, and they are also very suitable for planting in indoor containers. Actually, if you are interested in growing vegetables you have a huge number of types to choose from.

Vegetable Growing Tips For Everyone

Today dietitians and other health specialists have been stressing more than ever the importance of consuming vegetables in a healthy diet. However, many people hold that vegetables cultivated with the aid of chemicals and pesticides could have the opposite affect on health. The obvious answer to how to find fresh vegetables that satisfy all health criteria is to grow your own. It is good to note that growing vegetables is also not restricted to people who own gardens or have access to them since you can grow a variety of vegetables in containers on your balcony or patio.

Looking After Vegetables in the Summer Heat

Everyone knows that a fair amount of sunshine is good for many kinds of vegetables but you can have too much of a good thing and excessive exposure to the summer heat can cause serious damage to your vegetable crop. While many kinds of vegetables seem to thrive fine through the hot days of summer, there are others that just do not seem to do well in this season despite your very best efforts to water and care for them.

Saving Money and Finding a Satisfying Hobby – Growing Your Own Vegetables

If you have ever been frustrated by the quality and the prices of the vegetables on offer at the local supermarket, maybe the thought of growing your own vegetables has entered your mind? Even if you have a good range of vegetables at fair prices locally available, the increasing concern over the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers gives sufficient ground for many people to opt for growing their own vegetables. Creating your own vegetable patch does not involve a tremendous amount of effort and in addition to enjoying a supply of fresh vegetables you also gain a relaxing hobby.

The Art of Caring For Roses

Roses are one of the most beautiful and highly treasured flowers. In everyday life roses are connected to themes of love and courtship, of desire and the expression of such. But roses have a reputation of being a hard plant to care for.

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