Surgery Can’t Be Delayed Any Longer!

Organic Container Gardening – Easy to Grow Container Plants – Full Sun

Organic container gardening allows you to add interest, color and creativity to a garden. Organic gardeners have many choices for areas that receive six or more hours of sun.

Organic Container Gardening – Easy to Grow Container Plants – Part Sun

Organic container gardening allows you to add color and creativity to a garden. Organic container gardening is easy when you select these low maintenance plants for part sun areas in your garden.

Splitting Daylillies – The Easiest Way to Propagate Daylilies

Splitting daylillies is one of the easiest ways to propagate them in your garden, or to a new location. Daylilies are extremely hearty, so don’t be afraid of taking a shovel to them and doing what you have to do.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Taking Care of Root Rot

Root rot can affect a wide variety of vegetable plants in your garden and if not addressed early and properly, it can wipe out an entire growing season. Here are some tips you can start to use immediately.

Organic Gardening – Tree Care

Trees are the biggest expense and the most important part of linchpin of your landscape’s curb appeal. Protect your investment by following the organic program and techniques.

Who Cares If Have an Eco Lawn?

Do you really care if you have an eco lawn? The answer is yes if you don’t want to contribute to a huge source of greenhouse gases and environmental damage.

About the Care of Roses

Caring for roses after planting is part of good garden maintenance and will keep your roses beautiful and blooming for years. Rose lovers find this a pleasure rather than a necessary task.

Garden Buildings

Want to spice up your yard or garden? Garden buildings can really help your garden to pop!

Niche Gardening and Backyard Farming

Turn your gardening passion into a specialty enterprise. Find a niche that will make your small farm or gardening enterprise into a marketable business. Marketing your backyard farm or garden products makes you an expert in that area.

How to Winterize Your Home Herb Garden

In order for your herb plants to survive harsh winter conditions you want to be sure to winterize your herb garden. This will enable your plants to come back strong in the spring to continue to provide you with a great bountiful harvest.

Figuring Out Your Gardening Style

What type of gardener are you? Figuring out your gardening style is important if you want to have a beautiful garden that will actually get maintained, because if you enjoy your garden then you are more likely to work in it.

What Goes Into Making a Garden Compost?

When you’re growing a garden, you need to be sure that everything that goes into the longevity of your garden is okay and good. This means that you need to be aware of the bugs or insects that help plants grow, the nutrients in the soil that play a huge role…

There Are Other Types of Gardens You Can Have Other Than a Vegetable Garden

There is no doubt that gardens are becoming more and more popular these days. This is true even in the inner city where we’re not used to seeing gardens. You will find gardens behind restaurants in some of the more trendy restaurants in your city. In fact, your neighbor may have a garden, and you may even have a city garden you are unaware of. But besides from the many places you may find a garden you may be hard pressed to know which type of garden you want to start.

What is a Water Garden and Why Would I Want One?

A water garden is comprised mostly of small bodies of water that require vegetation and plant life that thrive off of them. Incorporating the small fish into the water is also good because it will make your water garden feel more alive. It is not hard to create a water garden; all you do need to know are some of the essentials to get you started along the way. Here are some of the things you may need to build your own water garden.

What Type of Tools Will I Need in a Garden?

If you want to start a garden there are certain types of tools you’re going to need to insure you get the job done right. A lot of people make the mistake of not having these tools thus fore they are at a disadvantage when it comes to the maintenance of their garden. Luckily for them, acquiring these tools is as easy as one two three. Here are a few of the basic tools you will need in order to maintain your garden.

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