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Light Up the Night with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is very critical to the function of your outdoor area when the sun goes down. There are a variety of lights available for use outdoors from simple wall mounts to intricate pathway lighting

History Of The Jujube Tree

A history of the popular jujube tree.

Home Composting: 10 Ways to Make It Successful for You

Enrich your garden and landscape through composting – 10 easy tips.

8 Steps to Preparing Your New Soil for Planting

To have a healthy lawn, you must first have healthy soil. Here are eight steps you can follow to make your new soil healthy and ready for planting.

The Glass Greenhouse Is Still The Ultimate For Plants

A glass greenhouse, though more expensive initially, would be more economical in the long term and is much more attractive. Even in an age of plastics, a glass greenhouse is still the ultimate choice for growing plants.

Plastic Covered Greenhouses

A Quonset style plastic greenhouse may be the right choice for the home gardener. Quickly and inexpensively built these greenhouses are easy to grow in.

Tips To Use Less Water In Your Thriving Organic Food Garden

Water is arguably our most precious resource. All living things need water to survive. But we don’t just want our productive organic food gardens to survive, we want them to thrive! And a growing plant uses a lot more water than one that is just surviving. Every part of the plant growing process uses water.

A Look at the Three Macronutrients in Your Lawn Fertilizer

Do you know which three macronutrients your lawn needs? Read this article to find out what they are.

Planting a Tree

I show the basic method of tree planting adaptable to most situations. This applies to most trees up to the size of tree which needs mechanical handling. Location and ground conditions are covered and the all important aftercare.

Bamboo Big Is Beautiful – Or Is A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?!

Big is NOT always Best. Do not be fooled by the tremendous foliage and mass of leaves, this is not the real story! GET to the ROOTS, Take a look at your Bamboo plant or any plant for that matter and LET the roots show the true health of your plant.

To Iron, or Not to Iron – That is the Question

No, we’re not talking about pressing clothing. We’re talking about setting up an attractive perimeter around your yard – a perimeter that defines your boundaries with taste and a bit of sophistication.

Sago Palm Care, Plant Shade Trees for Beauty and Comfort

Why we should plant shade trees. All the different kinds. How to take care of shade trees.

A Few Iron Fencing Maintenance Tips

Although iron fencing is some of the strongest fencing available (especially when compared to wood fencing), it can always use a little helping hand from its owner. In fact, a properly maintained wrought iron fence can last a hundred years or more!

Tips for Growing a Beautiful Vegetable Garden

Gardening, Gardening Tips, Vegetable Garden

Maintaining Lawns And Gardens With Natural Greener Insecticides

The benefits of changing to natural greener insecticides. Insecticide runoff is an increasing problem that is having an unwelcome effect on our birds and wildlife that live in and around our waterways. Something that everyone who has a lawn or garden should be aware of is that every time you spray a commercial insecticide on your lawn or garden…

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