Summer flowers and How to Feed Plants for More Blooms

Hydroponic Gardens Are on the Rise

More and more people are looking for ways to save money with the ever rising cost of food as well as gasoline. Some might say that there is a recession happening. That is why many people are doing every little bit that they can to cut corners to make ends meet.

Organic Fertilizer Recipes Have All Three of These

Growing vegetable plants need plenty of nutrients in the soil. You do not want to add chemical fertilizers as you wish to avoid adding chemicals to an organic garden. Grow wonderful fruits and vegetables.

New to Bonsai? – Don’t Panic It’s Not That Hard

O.K. you have got the idea that Bonsai is all about miniature trees, but you’re clueless about “Shakan – Chokkan – Moyogi”? Don’t panic, you don’t need to know the proper names of styles or tree species, such as Bonsai Juniper or Bonsai Japanese Maple. All you need in the beginning is the desire to want to grow a bonsai plant and some basic knowledge.

Water Features For Small Gardens

It can be disappointing not to have the space you want to install a garden feature in your yard. There are so many benefits to having one that you can definitely feel like you’re missing out! Container garden could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Which Water Feature is Best?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the different choices of water features there are out there? It’s easy to feel that way since they can all seem so beautiful. Seeing quick explanations of each can help you make your decision

Landscape Gardening – Choosing Plants With Colored Foliage

While there is no shortage of plants with colored leaves, the home gardener does not always choose them wisely. Here are some tips for getting the best out of them, and avoiding some of the pitfalls.

5 Must-Have Herbs For a Spaghetti Garden

A herb garden is one of the most popular kitchen gardens. Anybody that has a sunny piece of ground or a window box can grow these herbs of parsley, garlic, basil, bay leaves and oregano. A little garden space can with ease produce all the herbs that you will need for scrumptious Italian meals. They are even easy to grow in a window with sun for your round the year supply.

Fertilizing Lawns – Lawn Care Fertilizer Advice

Fertilizing your lawn should be an area where you spend very little time. While sometimes good to know, the technical side of caring for lawn grasses is usually more than the average do it yourselfer wants to know. A simple explanation should be good enough.

Organic Recipes For Pest Control – 5 Organic Methods For Pest Control

If you pick a pest, you can usually find a natural counter for it, most often in the form of other insects. There are no reasons why you would need to use chemicals for your pest control, there are many very powerful methods that you can use. Here are five of them.

The Reluctant Gardening Calendar – June

Wish I could find something as easy as that to get rid of the tryffid. The bane of my gardening is that tryffid – actually its fuchsia Insulinde, an everlasting fuchsia… and is it just everlasting! I should say so, and I’ve tried just about everything short of dynamite and a flamethrower.

Hints and Tips For Your Small Garden

Starting a garden is an exciting project in itself. We often see large country houses with wonderful large gardens. However, if you have limited space, a small garden can be a wonderful addition to any home as well. Here are some hints and tips to get you started on your own small garden project.

Agapanthus Africanus – An Essential Perennial For a Mild Winter Climate Garden

Agapanthus is one of the loveliest and easy to grow perennials available to the gardener in a dry, Mediterranean climate. Used in a certain way, it can be stunningly exciting as well.

Secrets in the Garden

With rising food costs, many are turning to back yard gardening to reduce their food spending bills. But there are other benefits to gardening that will further your resolve to succeed at this pleasant activity. Discover the ‘secret’ in the garden.

Are You Worried About Food Safety in the Grocery Produce Section? Time For Your Own Kitchen Garden?

More and more home gardeners are discovering the fun and health benefits of growing some of the their own food. More and more people are planting their own kitchen gardens. Discover the easy way to make your kitchen garden, even now!

Organic Flower Garden Tips and Tricks

We know that organic vegetable gardening has become a trend in vegetable production because it is healthier to eat vegetables produced naturally and that chemicals can have a long-term negative effect on people. Many diseases are said to be caused by being exposed or ingesting too much chemicals in the body. It is no wonder many gardeners have started to grow vegetables naturally.

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