Succulents, Cacti and the Low Maintenance Garden

What You Should Know Before Buying A Greenhouse Kit

Owning a greenhouse is no longer a luxury for gardeners. Greenhouse kits are available at affordable prices for any gardener. One only needs a few simple household tools to assemble the kit in a matter of hours.

A Guide to The Secret World of Hydroponic Cultivation

So you’re interested in hydroponics but aren’t quite sure where to start? Here’s a little guide to give you the basics, including the meaning of the word “hydroponics” so that you know what you’re doing when you go online to order your first hydroponics kit.

The Appeal Of Outdoor Lighting Is Growing Quicker Than The Plant Life

USA gardening companies are quickly understanding that the popularity of landscape lighting is growing faster than the plant life.

Compost – Making it Fast

There never seems to be enough compost for a busy gardener. That being so, there are two things for a gardener to do, either make more compost piles or have the present ones work faster. With space being at a premium in many yards, the former is generally the better solution.

Compost – Magic Mulch

Compost can be too much of good thing when the pile is ready when all the garden beds are full. A little can be used for compost tea but what is one to do with the black gold when all the flowers are blooming and the veggies are growing to beat the band? If you do not want to dig up the soil, why not leave it and have your compost too?

Compost – Great Addition For Raised Bed Gardens

Compost is the great addition for all those organic gardeners who have moved to raised beds instead of the traditional row garden. Raised beds allow for a greater concentration of plants per square foot which in turn allows for a greater harvest whether of blossoms or vegetables. Compost rises to the challenge.

Compost Sieve – the Readiness Tool

Compost: is most of the pile ready but some you are not sure of? Reach for the compost sieve and get the best of the pile and work on the rest for later.

Composting a Raised Bed

Compost can be the simple answer to how one can make a raised bed for plants that are already growing. Just skim and fill.

Tropical Style Deck Design

If you love the outdoor lifestyle, then tropical style deck design can provide you with an additional living space during the months of pleasant weather. Whether your deck is raised or ground level, whether it has an ocean view or not, you can enjoy a tropical lifestyle on your tropical style deck. When planning your outdoor deck, you want to…

Japanese Beetles Attack

Japanese beetles have appeared from seemingly nowhere and are trying to eat our fruit trees!

Native Plants In Your Garden

The concept of planting natives is one that is simply a “duh” concept; it is so fundamental, so basic, and so important that evokes one of those head-thumping responses followed by “duh”!

Grow Ferns Indoors

Ferns are one of the oldest plants known, dating back to prehistoric times. These lovely ancients are perfect for the indoor gardener!

Crassulas Are Cool

Wanted: Easy-To-Grow Houseplant that doesn’t look like it is! Crassulas, commonly referred to as Jade Plants, are fascinating succulents. Their sculpted shape make fine specimens not unlike bonsai trees. They are easy to grow, they grow slowly, can live pot-bound for years, easily propagated, adapt to temperature variations, and don’t require a lot of water. What more could you ask?

Gardening in the Fall

Once upon a time, not so long ago, gardening in the fall meant mums and pansies. These excellent plants, dependable and readily available, served us well and are still well represented in the garden centers each fall. However, for the gardener who longs for the choices available each spring and wants the variety of color, textures, heights and uses, fall offers a bounty of plants.

Gardening Gifts For The Gardener In Your Life

Buying gardening gifts for the gardener in your life is a real treat. With so many fun and unique gift ideas, you’ll have a hard time choosing. Here are some items every gardener needs.

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