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Transform Your Desert Backyard To A Beautiful Garden With These Simple And Easy to Implement Ideas

You might reside in a place where plants and trees in your backyard are hard to find and green grass is even harder to find. Do you feel that you have all the odds against you? But there really is no reason to worry; there is help to get for your old desert landscape. I know that when your beloved garden is full of rocks and sand, it might be hard to imagine it as a peaceful escape in times when you need a rest. Luckily though, the solution might be as easy as adding a few things to make you garden more inviting and more at ease for you and your family.

How To Deal With A Snake In Your House Or Garden

If you come across a venomous snake in the garden the first thing to do is to get everyone away from it. If you actually do need to kill it do this with a long handled, broad edged hoe simply chopping the snake in half. Other tactics include spraying it from a distance with a high pressure hose or opening sprinklers. This will have the effect of persuading the snake to leave the area.

Admiring Trees

Near at hand, we all can see beautiful trees. Every time I walk the city parks, or visit the country side, I gaze the trees that I cross bringing back memories of happy tree climbing, tent camping in the woods, long walks with my folks, hiking with friends or just relaxing underneath a tree’s branches enjoying the breeze.

Taking Care Of Your Beautiful Garden Pond

The luxurious look of a garden pond is something to treasure. It is a place beside which you can relax and unwind. However, as you know, a pond will not tend to itself. In order to keep a pond looking great, there are seasonal guidelines and more for you to follow.

Gardening: A Hazard to Your Health?

Insurance and gardening?

Gardening: Blue Lobelia and Its Gorgeous Twin Sister

Lobelia group of plants was named by Linnaeus for Matthias de l’Obel who was a Flemish botanist. He was a physician to England’s James I. Cardinal flower is also known as the Red Lobelia. The wild flower is a member of the Lobelia Family. It is mostly found in Kansas, Gulf States and west. It flowers from July to September. It flowers mostly in these three months. It’s not too tough to plant this flower.

Vegetable Gardening Tips – How To Sow Your Seeds

Remember that a majority of your seeds will not bloom; so seeding heavy is okay when it comes to things like lettuce, where the seeds are very small…

My Experiences with Labyrinth Design

I recently changed my backyard’s look by completing a series of labyrinth designs. As I am well off and have a hundred acres in rural Nova Scotia, I can afford to indulge my passions. One of the things I most desire is earthworks of all types, most especially I have a thing for labyrinth designs.

Starting Your Own Garden – Easier Than You Think!

So, you have decided to grow a garden. Congratulations! A garden, whether it is a flower garden or a vegetable garden, has many benefits – and it is so easy to do!

Fall Blooming Flowers – Autumn Beauty For Your Garden

Fall flower gardening can be very rewarding. The bright colored mums and asters intermingled with sunny yellow goldenrod, delicate looking pansies and flowing, shimmering alyssum can produce a very stunning fall garden.

Perennials for Your Garden – The Low Maintenance Choice

When you plant perennials in your garden, don’t expect to see much in the first year. During this first growing season, the perennials are getting used to their new environment. Some perennials will produce new blooms in the first year, but some won’t have any progress until the second year.

Container Herbs – the Perfect Solution

Growing herbs for decoration or for cooking has become a popular indoor hobby. Growing herbs in a container indoors is a perfect solution for those who want to grow year round, or those who don’t have the garden space.

Use Water Efficiently

Water scarcity all over the world has evolved into a problem that needs immediate solution by all those involved. The water facilities, public or private, the local, governmental or international associations and organizations, the national environmental departments and the vast public have to be informed on what water quantities.

Seven Fall Chores For The Perennial Garden

Take advantage of the beautiful autumn days to spruce up the perennial garden. Working outside in the garden is great exercise for both body and soul with the added benefit that the perennial garden will be ready to produce excellent blooms next season.

Perennial How To: Autumn Transplanting and Dividing

Using the cooler autumn temperatures to transplant your perennials will allow the plant to gain almost a full season over spring transplanting. This how to article explains the transplanting and division process.

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