Spider Mites – How to Identify and How to get Rid of Them

After Bloom Care For Orchids

Orchids are at their most beautiful when they are in bloom, but this poses other issues. Namely, how do you care for an orchid after its bloomed and how do you make sure it blooms again. This article will explain everything you need to know.

Watering Orchids – How to Water Your Orchids Correctly

Water is the life blood of any plant, and its no different for orchids. This article gives you a good run down of how to water your orchid correctly.

Growing Orchids Hydroponically

Growing plants by hydroponics means growing them without conventional soil. Instead of soil the system uses other nutrients, usually a water mixture poured over other aggregates which contain the minerals necessary for the plant, in this case our orchid, to thrive. There are some real benefits to growing orchids hydroponically and some of these are” You don’t need to worry about watering them You can grow your orchids free from disease They require much less maintenance Much more vibrant growth.

Growing Echinacea or Purple Coneflower

Purple Cone Flower (Echinacea) is a hardy attractive flower that looks great in almost any flower garden. The plants grow 3 feet to 4 feet tall on coarse hairy stems and bloom from July until frost. Purple coneflower is cold hardy, surviving winters as far north as the Canadian border.

Can Fans – High-Humidity In-Line Fans

Can Fans are in-line ventilation fans designed to work in tandem with Can Filters, for temperature and odor control in hydroponic nurseries and greenhouses. They are a perfect example of the marriage between cutting edge exhaust design and technology that promises efficiency and performance.

Rose Gardening Tips

A rose garden is an ideal place to relax, and forget the stresses of the day. Some simple tips will help you to grow a beautiful and relaxing rose garden.

Guide to Keeping Houseplants

Most of us begin decorating with houseplants by choosing a spot. Only then do we choose the plant. Here are some helpful tips to having and keeping healthy houseplants.

Drip Irrigation – The Three Factors That Mean Success Or Otherwise

The immense benefits of drip irrigation are often lost because of a few avoidable mistakes. Here are some tips for getting the most from your dripper system.

Tomato Gardening – Almost Anyone Can Do It

Just about the most popular crop to garden are tomatoes. With just a few tips almost anyone can start a successful tomato garden.

Growing Container Herbs – 5 Great Choices for Indoor Herb Gardens

Growing herbs in containers is a great way to always have fresh, healthy ingredients for your kitchen. Here are five great herb options for an easy indoor herb garden.

Finding the Right Hydroponic Nutrients for Your Plants

Hydroponics is a great way to maintain your own indoor garden without having to worry about what type of soil to use for different plants, how to obtain it, how much space the garden will occupy, etc. In the hydroponic method of gardening, a plant is grown in a water solution or a specially designed growing medium like rockwool, peat moss, vermiculite, etc.

Landscape Gardening

This article is on Landscape gardening. The information contains very useful information on landscape gardening. These articles also have some tips regarding landscape gardening.

How To Grow Tomatoes

A helpful guide to growing tomatoes. If you have never had a home grown tomato, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I suggest you give it a try, its a very easy plant to grow and the rewards are great.

How to Plant Container Roses

Roses come in two forms ready to plant: bare roots and container roses. Bare root roses have their roots exposed, allowing you to inspect them and are available in the fall and winter months. Container roses, as their name implies, are in some type of container and are available in the spring and summer months. They are usually bare root roses that didn’t sell during the winter so they are placed in pots and sold as container roses.

Planting and Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden

Interested in growing organic? For many, it’s the only way to grow. When starting an organic vegetable garden you must start from the ground up.

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