“Spacers strengthen crop high-quality and yield by op to 5%”

sistema fresa strawberry 1Investigate performed by the Mexican University Centro Universitario Ceickor reveals that hydroponic crops that use the drainage programs of this Spanish organization receive a bigger generate many thanks to the more levels of aeration and oxygenation

Their Spacer, a prevalent ingredient in all the firm’s drainage units, is an ingenious ingredient that raises the substrate crops ample to improve their aeration and prevent humidity, therefore preventing them from struggling from health conditions and infecting the relaxation of the plantation. Plantation advisors and growers at Centro Universitario Ceickor (Mexico) report that many thanks to Hydroponic Systems’ specialist drainage devices, their production and high-quality have greater by 3 to 5 %.

It truly is all about the roots
“The additional kilos realized in manufacturing are because the vegetation generate extra amount and far better crops if they have nutritious and vigorous roots”, states Alejandro Tarrats, Head Grower of Ceickor, an organisation with which the company Hydroponic Devices has investigation and improvement agreements.

According to the Ceickor advisor, this increase in output in crops that use the units of this Spanish enterprise is simply because “the loss of vegetation during the cycle is tremendously lessened because of to the reduction in root ailments and to the simple fact that there is bigger aeration and superior oxygenation”. And he factors out that “it is complementary to great nutritional administration of the crop”.


In addition, he factors out that “significant price savings can be observed in the derived expenditures for the reason that the range of remedies that have to be carried out because of to this sort of condition is pretty much lowered to zero”. Tarrats states that at Ceickor they have detected “strains of crops with Hydroponic Units products in which no therapy or fumigation of the roots has had to be carried out to attack health conditions”.

Ceickor Centro Universitario and Ceickor are pioneers in the transfer of knowledge from university to providers. Their crops and farms empower them to receive this knowledge. Investigate and instruction enhance this.

“A innovative merchandise”
What is it about Hydroponic Systems’ drainage selection devices that increase manufacturing? “There is 1 ingredient popular to all our methods, both soil and overhead, which is the Spacer, able of supporting crops to be healthier”, the crew with Hydroponic Methods say. The Spacer is their brainchild. The company is centered in the Murcia area of Spain and has taken this intercontinental patent all-around the entire world “It is an ingenious factor that, combined with a drainage process, will make the overall look of the annoying and traditional illnesses of hydroponic crops in the substrate, these that affect the roots, a great deal far more tough by preserving them isolated from humidity and in the correct situation to attain optimum aeration and oxygenation. It also prevents the roots from suffering from the variations in temperature that they inevitably receive via contact with the steel channels that lead to the drains. All these resources, thus, imply that the roots of the crops are greater safeguarded from diseases and fungi”, they exhibit. Since its visual appeal on the industry, the Spacer has enabled growers all in excess of the planet to increase the profitability of their manufacturing by bettering the health and fitness of the roots of their crops.

“We ended up thinking how to increase the growers’ knowledge and the Spacer was the response. It is helpful and very financially rewarding for them,” claims Antonio Garcia of the firm’s export section.

hydroponic systems elevado premium spacer evolution 6

Adapted to neighborhood circumstances
Hydroponic Systems prides by itself on currently being at the forefront of innovation. It has been demonstrating this for practically a ten years because the beginning and launch of its Spacer and its accompanying drainage programs, which have enhanced the life of millions of substrate crops all more than the planet. Consequently, he has tailored his strategy to various kinds of crops, initial coming up with and then production the Spacer Hydropot, Eco, Premium and Elevated models, variations of the very same plan to increase the development of distinctive crops.

For illustration, the Spacer Hydropot is specially designed for pots or increase luggage of bigger unit plants in soil techniques, though the Premium can be employed for massive or little crops due to its versatility. The Elevated was made exclusively for elevated systems, as the title implies. Hydroponic Programs has not only intended an exact solution but also created it incredibly simple and effortless to set up, as professional by De la Huerta de Aranjuez, a firm that set up the Evolution method with the Elevated Spacer for its strawberry crops.

A further crucial reward of the Spacer is its versatility: it can be made use of with many sorts and styles of gutters. “With the Hydroponic Methods Spacer, growers can take advantage of their present installations and basically location them there to give their crops a important gain in the situation of the overall look of root health conditions.” 

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