South Korea is developing a ‘flood-proof’ metropolis that can dwelling 12,000 persons and appears like a huge, floating honeycomb — take a look

The floating platforms are built to stand up to the weight of five-tale structures, for every builders.OCEANIX/Huge-Bjarke Ingels Group

“The depth of the platform presents a major space in the hull, almost like a basement that consists of largely air to counteract the forces of the body weight of the properties on major,” Daniel Sundlin, a spouse at Big, explained to Insider.

The house also functions as a storage space for electricity storage and squander-management techniques, Sundlin mentioned.

A mooring technique connects the platforms to the seafloor to limit lateral movements, Matteo Pietrobelli, the chief engineer at Oceanix, advised Insider. However, the system will be ready to shift up and down.

“That’s why we call it flood-evidence: As the drinking water rises, the platforms can float and their foundations will also adapt to the h2o degree,” Pietrobelli ongoing.

The platforms’ layout takes into consideration the consolation ranges of folks onboard, Pietrobelli claimed.

“It is really nearly as if you are on land even when you have the greatest waves, which indicates when you have no waves, you in fact don’t even feel it. There is almost nothing to feel,” he added. “Nobody’s going to really feel unwell on it.”

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