Soilless cultivation know-how is revolutionizing agriculture

The achievement of soilless cultivation technologies lies in the offer of the 3 factors that plants need to have to endure: oxygen, drinking water, and nutrition.


“Hydroponics has been offered as the fantastic alternative for food stuff generation in the long term,” says Vicenta Riera, Crop Advertising and marketing Specialist and agronomist at Projar, “and this is backed by statements from the FAO, which reported that food items need is predicted to maximize by 60% because there will be more than 9,000 million people today residing on the earth by 2050.” There is also the have to have to triumph over limiting features for the crop related to the ecosystem, climate handle, pests, and diseases.

All this has led to an expansion of greenhouses to an believed global region of 485,000 hectares in 2021. Nevertheless, we must distinguish involving greenhouse crops in soil (375,000-385,000 hectares), crops in hydroponic methods or with out substrates (20,000-25,000 hectares), and greenhouse crops with no soil in substrates (70,000-75,000 hectares).

“This significant improve has been realized thanks to the system’s fantastic effectiveness. We at Projar have started out new projects in more than 10 nations in the previous 5 decades,” says Riera.

The preference of soilless cultivation entails numerous rewards for crop cultivation, which includes:


  • Regulate of the lifestyle medium to obtain the best vegetative and reproductive benefits for the plant. 
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  • Innovative begin of the output (30%-50%).
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  • Higher output and selection of crops for every square meter.
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  • Use of cultivation bags or pots to optimize the use of house, earning it possible to adapt the arrangement of plants to their enhancement. 
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  • Helps prevent deformation of the fruit due to the fact it avoids make contact with with the floor. 
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  • Use of substrates that guarantee greater aeration and very good drainage of the roots.
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  • Use of drip irrigation (tiny h2o, high frequency).
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  • Reuse of h2o.
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  • Likely to be executed any place.
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  • Far better arranging at all levels of cultivation.
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  • Lessened costs on fertilizers and pesticides.
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“The rewards of soilless cultivation have persuaded growers who formerly farmed in soil to adjust their preferences. Nowadays, hydroponic/soilless systems, in combination with greenhouse systems (controlled natural environment farming in the course of specified durations) are extremely precise and undoubtedly guide to produce improves,” says Riera (in the image).

Also, getting the proper technological know-how on soilless crop management will assistance growers obtain very good plant wellbeing and productiveness. “We present a consulting and technological assistance assistance to our consumers as a result of a group of technicians specialized in intensive open up floor and greenhouse hydroponic output. This way, we fortify our commitment to helping accomplish effective achievements,” she states.

Projar gives a practical teaching tutorial on the hydroponic product that can be downloaded cost-free of cost from this link.

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