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Choosing The Right Portable Lawn Sprinkler For Your Lawn

You do not have time to water your lawn? Don’t worry, just install a portable sprinkler for your lawn. Read on to find out how you to choose the right portable sprinkler for your lawn!

Tree Planting – More than Just Digging a Hole in the Ground

How to prepare a site for planting a tree, shrub, or bush.

Prepare the Garden for Its Winter Slumber

For those who live through winter, the gardening season is over. But not really. There IS work to do! If you have not tidied up the garden, there is still time before the ground freezes and is covered with snow.

Greenhouse Watering Tips

Watering is likely the most time consuming, but yet important task of maintaining a greenhouse. Watering too much or too little could cause you to lose the very thing you have worked so hard to grow, your crops.

Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic systems recognize that our health is directly connected to the health of the food we eat and, ultimately, the health of the soil.

Planting Orchids? Why Not Plant The Most Fragrant Types?

This articles discusses 17 of the most fragrant orchid flowers to be found today.

Outdoor Furniture the Key to Relaxation

Imagine finding yourself with nothing to do on a beautiful spring or summer afternoon. The sun is shining, and it’s not too cold or too hot. A warm breeze is blowing, and the only sound is the music of the occasional bumblebee buzzing past on its way to the next fragrant blossom. You lie back and take it all in, letting go of your worries and responsibilities, and for those few hours, allow your mind to drift.

How To Root Succulent Plants With Leaf or Stem Cuttings

Succulents are perfect plants for xeriscape gardens and are easy to root and grow. Once you learn how easy it is to propagate succulent plants, it’s a great way to expand your plant collection – and it’s free! ! You can use this planting technique with succulent plants from the Crassula family like Jade, Spoon Jade and Crassula tetragona as well as other cactus and succulent plants.

Bricklaying Basics

A look at how to go about a simple bricklaying job.

Plant Hardiness – What You Need to Know to Keep from Killing Your Plants and Trees

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is an essential tool for all landscapers and gardeners, whether professionals or weekend do-it-yourselfers. This simple and free tool will help ensure you select only the correct plants, shrubs, or trees for your region. If you do not follow this guide you risk the health of your plant, and ultimately your time and money.

Choosing Your Bonsai Containers

Turning your bonsai tree into beautiful work of art takes not only the skill of putting in shaping the tree but also been able to pick out the proper container. Here are some tips on choosing containers that can add to the beauty of your bonsai.

Preventing Your Neighbors’ Weeds From Spreading To Your Lawn

Do your neighbors take good care of their lawns? If not, their lawn problems, such as weeds, could become yours. Here are a few ways you can use to keep your neighbors’ weeds out of your lawn.

The Majestic Roses That Surprised You!

Spiraea tomentosa or The Hardhack flowers from July to September. It thrives well in swamps, ditches and in moist ground. It is found in Georgia, Kansas and Nova Scotia. It is also known as Steeple Bush Rose. It produces magenta, pink or occasionally white flowers. These small flowers grow in dense clusters. This shrub like plant can be up to three feet in length.

Mallow Wild Flowers Unmatched Beauty

There are many varieties of Mallow wild flowers. Mallow Rose is the most common one. Others varieties include Marsh Mallow, Desert Mallow. Mallow rose or Swamp Rose- mallow grows well in saline conditions, riversides, brackish marshes and lake shores. Its botanical name is Hibiscus Moscheutos. It is found from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico. Its growth can also extend till Louisiana in the west.

Basics Of Composting Your Grass Clippings

Composting your grass clipping is relatively easy but it requires some efforts on your part. However, these grass clippings are very beneficial to your lawn and you can even save money from using them. Read on to find out more!

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