Soil Preparation for Growing Success

Orchid Flowers Care Tips

Orchids can be grown either indoor or outdoor. Like other plants, it needs two basic things namely water and light. The hobbyists can use artificial light by using a lamp but the best source is still the natural kind that comes from the sun.

Finding The Right Pool Builder

OK so you have finally decided to add that luxury swimming pool in your backyard. Do a little homework on your own. Read up about the different kind of pools that are available. Research the equipment that is available. Ask the pool designer to explain the difference between some of the choices of pumps. The difference in the pool layouts, and why should I choose your company over your competition.

Butterfly Gardening for Beginners

A basic guide for beginner’s getting started with butterfly gardening. Tips on how to attract butterflies to your garden year-round.

Greenhouse Structure and Frame Materials

The materials used for a greenhouse frame must be strong, lightweight and water resistant. A number of materials fit this description. All are used in various types of greenhouse kits, some suitable for easy do it yourself greenhouse structure construction.

Replanting Your Christmas Tree

If you are in the market for a beautiful evergreen to be added to your landscape, Christmas is a perfect time to begin shopping. While most Christmas shoppers purchase a Christmas tree that has already been chopped at the bottom, there are several nurseries that offer live…

Septic Tank and Septic System Maintenance

If you are using septic tank instead of sewer connection, you need to properly maintain and care for it. You may not like the sound but you need to keep your septic tank well-maintained.

Learn How To Prune Needle Evergreens & Fruit Trees

Needle Evergreens: Junipers, arborvitae and yews may be pruned any time and at almost any place. With upright junipers, follow along the branch that needs to be shortened until you come to a side shoot lying on top of it, or inside of it. Select a side shoot that exactly parallels the …

Will Double Chaise Lounge Cushions Lead You To the Altar?

All you really need are two lounging chairs with a table and four chairs for eating to really make your outdoor space more enjoyable and comfortable. A double, chaise-lounge chair is luxurious and allows you to share the day with your partner or friend. Double chaise lounge cushions are available in many hot colors!

Fall Planting

Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs or perennials. The weather is cooler, the moisture is more consistent and there is not drought to worry about.

The Fall Perennial Bed

What you need to do to the perennial bed in the fall so that you get healthy perennials next year.

History Of The Pawpaw Tree

A history of the banana-like pawpaw tree.

Creating A Sacred Garden – Part 1

Is there such a thing as a spiritual garden? It has been said we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We owe it to ourselves to nurture our spiritual self: to create a sacred space, a special state where we can be attuned with nature, as one with our spiritual self: we need to create a sacred garden!

Attracting Cardinals to Your Backyard

Creating a bird sanctuary in your backyard starts with attracting the most beautiful birds. This article shows you how you can one of the most beautiful birds, the North American Cardinal.

Protecting Your Lawn The Organic Way

Do you know that the chemical pesticides and herbicides you use to control weeds and pests are harmful to your health and environment? Learn how you can control weeds and pests in your lawn the natural way.

6 Great Ways to Use Deck and Garden Gazebos

Interesting and unusual ways to Deck and Garden Gazebos that you may never have thought of. Do you have a beautiful outdoor gazebo in your backyard, but it sits empty because you are not sure what to do with it? Here’s a look at some of the creative ways homeowners are decorating and enjoying deck and garden gazebos…

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