Slugs and gardening

Sir, – Your gardening correspondent Fionnuala Fallon is an great communicator on all gardening issues and I seem ahead to looking through her piece every single Saturday.

Even so, on April 23rd she advocated making use of sharp secateurs to snip slugs discovered in the garden in half.

Ugh! Definitely they should really be deterred and not ruined to inspire biodiversity. Some try to eat and destruction living vegetation, but many species this kind of as the black slug also take in decaying content this kind of as rotting leaves and dung. The leopard slug, for case in point, eats useless plants as very well as other slugs. The yellow yard slug eats fungi and lichens. And, of training course, slugs are eaten by frogs and hedgehogs. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.

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