Showy Shrubs of Autumn

Deciding on the Best Bird Feeder

Choosing the best bird feeder for the bird enthusiast can be tricky. Depending on what type of bird you want to watch, will dictate the kind of feeder you choose.

All About Roses

You’d have to have been living in a cave not to have heard of the most popular flowering plant of all time, the rose. Just mentioning the rose plant can spark a quick conversation among even the shyest people.

The History of Water Gardens

Water gardens are much more than just holes in the ground. Water gardens are artificially lined, “closed” ecosystems that mimic natural water features. What you intend to put in a pond and how that pond will fit within your landscape determine how…

Tulip Garden – When to Plan Next Year’s Flowers

When you should plan your tulip garden for next Spring? You can throw a few bulbs in the ground and hope they come up next spring. Some will; some won’t. But if you want to design a tulip garden, you will need to do some thinking, answer some questions and draw up a plan that will achieve the goal you want. Read this article and learn how…

Lawn Care Equipment Make Gardening Jobs Easy

In the United States, preserving a lawn can be an enjoyable hobby to some who are garden enthusiasts, but a chore to many others who do not have enough time to tend to their lawns. There are those who become desperate at not attaining their ideal lawns despite exerting precious effort, time, and money in maintaining one.

The Best Organic Garden Pest Control Treatments

We forget with the enhancement of technology how to live in a world without it. The same can be said for pest control. We have forgotten that pest control on farms and in home gardens used to be organic. We invented “better” methods for pest control when we began spreading pesticides over our crops.

Hydroponic Greenhouse Gardening Is A Great Option For Growing Vegetables

Have you ever wondered what hydroponic gardening is and whether it might be a good option for you? Well here is the explanation and how it can help you with vegetable gardening.

How To Safely Remove Thorns From Roses Without Damaging The Rose Or Yourself

One of the unfortunate negatives of roses has to be the thorns. The act of removing the thorns doesn’t have to be one that injures you or the plant itself if you just follow some simple steps. You just have to have a little patience and take some precautions as we show in this article.

Why Miniature Roses Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Miniature roses have become even more popular in recent years due to their hardiness and versatility. They come in many different varieties and can be grown as a bush, a hedge, or even on fences and decorative frames with the climbing varieties. Miniature roses are a great way to get started raising roses since they are much easier to raise than regular roses which will give you practice and more self confidence to expand to other types of roses.

How To Propagate Your Roses Through The Proper Use Of Rose Cuttings

Roses were spread across the U.S. when early pioneers brought their rose cuttings with them in mason jars to plant them in the new areas they were moving to. This art of propagating roses has been around since Victorian times and it remains one of the easiest and most enjoyable endeavors for anyone with a garden. This also makes for a very inexpensive way to begin your own rose garden if you can simply obtain some cuttings from a friend or relative.

If You Want Roses That Smell Great These Are Some You Will Want To Consider

Roses have been appreciated for generations for their beauty but that isn’t their primary attraction. Most are drawn to roses for their incredibly strong aroma which is the reason women love them so much. Nothing says I love you like a dozen roses and they will definitely give you huge brownie points.

Why It Is Important To Know What Climate Zone Your In When Growing A Rose Garden

One thing that many people do not stop to consider when planning to start a rose garden is what climate zone you reside in. Sometimes we only concern ourselves with the amount of sun we get in our area on an annual basis but this is actually not the most important aspect of growing a rose garden. The most crucial thing to know is how cold it gets in your area as there are some varieties that can not survive the extreme cold.

Top Twenty Unusual Plants for a Perennial Flower Garden

The wonderful characteristic of perennials is you only plant them once and they bloom year after year. Here is a list of some unusual and beautiful blooms for your perennial garden.

Who Invented Hydroponics?

Many people mistakenly believe that the art of growing plants successfully without using soil, known as hydroponics, is a new technology. Leading Hydroponics experts and suppliers, Great Stuff Hydroponics, aim to throw some light on the origins of this ancient technique.

Cheap But Magnificent Gift

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you are at lost of what to offer him/her? Your parents’ wedding anniversary’s looming next week and you still have not gotten them any suitable present? No worries because there are so many inexpensive and practical stuff that you can get easily.

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