She Did It! Myrtle Had Her Piglets!

Herb Gardens – Types, Uses and Tips For New Gardeners

It is a known fact that growing herbs has one too many benefits. In fact, the use of health benefits of herbal plants can be traced back to ancient China and Egypt.

What is a Plant Sensor, and How Do They Work?

Gives an overall view of the recently developed area of that of the plant sensor. Explains what a plant sensor actually is and also how it works.

What Are the Therapeutic Benefits of Roses?

Roses are flowers that give off the feeling of warmth, giving, and love, but they also hold special benefits as well. Therapeutic benefits of roses are numerous and go back a long time in history. They have a special scent that gives wonderful aromatherapy effects for the heart and the soul. Rose oil is an essential oil extracted from fresh petals of pink roses and used as an antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, laxative and for tonic benefits.

Planning Is the Key to a Fascinating Home Garden

Whether you are a new gardener, or a pro, the importance of planning your garden space can not be emphasized enough. Investing the time and money to create a beautiful outdoor space entails some forethought to ensure that the right plants are selected, placed appropriately, and have the optimum growing conditions.

Why Compost?

The results of composting are healthier plants, less garbage, less septic maintenance, more water conserved all while saving money. You will now be on track to becoming more environmentally friendly!

A Bit of History on Roses

Some historians estimate knowledge of the existence of roses to span more than 30 million years. Just about any place you look, boasting over 150 species, not counting hybrids they litter the Northern Hemisphere, from Mexico to Alaska to parts of Africa. It may surprise you to learn that the rose was first cultivated, revered, cherished and loved in China!

Worm Farming Suggestions

Feeding your worms the proper food is important otherwise they’ll not be in a position to grow or even multiply. To do that, make sure you feed these little creatures things like coffee grounds, grass clippings, manure, rabbit pellets, vacuum dust and vegetable matter. Never make the mistake of giving them food to eat dairy products, meats and certain vegetables like onion because this could kill them.

What Do You Need to Know About Worm Farming?

Possibly you want to try something different, something unique to your field, or just something to gross out your neighbors! Worm farming is educational, good for nature, and has a lot of potential in the market if you know the way to push your product.

5 Medicinal Herbs Everyone Should Grow

I grew up around plants. My mother has always gardened (on a rather large scale), and my grandmother owned and operated a greenhouse. As an adult, I have planted a lot of herbs, vines and trees.

An Aerogarden

People nowadays are very intelligent in everything they do, thus modern facilities are on the list and keep on track. An aerogarden sounds new doesn’t it? Now let’s reflect on these.

Steps on How to Make a Windowsill Herb Garden

When we talk about windowsill herb garden, we sometimes think that it is hard to make one. But as a matter of fact it is just a very simple and interesting task for you to accomplish.

A Self Propelled Lawn Mower is What You Need

There is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass in the spring. Adding a healthy, deep, green lawn is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Types of Roses – A Quick Reference

Facts you should know before choosing a rose bush. There are four main types of roses to choose from. Becoming aware of these types will help you make a wise decision.

Worm Farming As Extra Income

A worm farm may be a fantastic investment for somewhat extra income as an initial business for an adolescent entrepreneur. A adolescent with access to a huge backyard, who lives in a rural area or a new person who lives on a farm might find worm farming a good way to get their first seasoned with business management. Even a youngster who lives in the city can start a small worm farm if they have a bed of flowers-sized place to begin. Town folk like to fish and garden, too.

A Guide on How to Grow Healthy Herbs With Herb Garden Kits

When you want fresh herbs to use in your home for cooking and overall health the best way to do it is to have fresh plants available to gather them from. In this article we will look at how growing herbs in your own home can be made easy by using premade herb garden kits.

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