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Great Reasons to Grow Your Plants in a Container Garden

It’s surprising that more people don’t take advantage of container gardening, since it is one of the best ways to grow plants. Container gardening is a great way to make the most of the limited space you have. Lots of people have houses or apartments with limited yard space.

Some Foods May Be Cheaper to Buy

With the increase in grocery store prices lately many people are seriously considering the home garden in an effort to cut the budget a bit. This is all well and good however one must fully realize that with certain foods it may be more cost effective to purchase the cans as opposed to canning them yourself.

Gardening is a Fun and Educational Summer Activity For Kids

If you’re looking for a great educational summer activity for your kids, you can’t do much better than starting a simple garden. It’s an easy way to teach kids many lessons about science and more, and it’s a lot of fun for both of you!

Tips For Growing Lettuce in the Garden

There’s nothing better than a salad made with fresh lettuce from the garden. Adding lettuce to your garden can be a welcome addition. Not only is healthy and tasty to eat but it needs very little space to grow.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Vegetable Gardening

If you don’t have any space for an outdoor garden, an indoor vegetable garden might be a good alternative. Find out what the differences are between the two, and whether growing vegetables indoors is right for you.

Creating Compost to Grow an Amazing Garden

Good compost can make a big difference in the success of your garden. Find out how to make compost in your own backyard.

Vegetable Garden

Having a vegetable garden is very good. There are many people who like plants and like to grow vegetables in their back yard. The vegetable garden looks nice and elegant if planned properly. First and foremost vegetables need a whole lot of sunlight to grow. So first look out for a place where there is enough sunlight to set up your vegetable garden.

Bonsai Gardening Tips – How to Care For Bonsai Trees and Plants

Location – Place your plant indoors in a warm well lighted location and remember that indoor bonsai are intolerant of outdoor conditions, unless you live in a tropical area. Outdoor care Bonsai – Keep your Bonsai outdoors in a good sunlight location. It can be brought indoors for 2 or 3 days then rotated outside again.

Garden Care and Maintenance – Tips on How to Get Value For Money

An essential part of a viable garden design, is considering the costs involved in care and maintenance. Ignoring this is like buying a great sports car, only to find afterwards, that you can’t afford the insurance!

Growing Roses – Spring Questions About Pruning and Sunlight

Now that most of the Northern Hemisphere has defrosted it is time to start waking up the Rose Beds or ready for new Roses! First, pruning roses in the spring; Pruning is basically the act of getting rid of dead and damaged pieces, and teaching the new growth to grow in the correct outward facing direction. That just means that you are training them to grow facing the outside of the shrub or bush.

Organic Vegetable Garden Basics

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to plant vegetables. But if you want to do this the old fashioned way which has been proven to be very effective, you should know the organic vegetable gardening basics. The first thing you have to know is: what is organic vegetable gardening?

Organic Vegetable Gardening Information

Want some information on organic vegetable gardening? Well, read this article.

Sustainable Organic Vegetable Gardening Can Only Happen With Organic Matter

Sustainable organic vegetable gardening can only happen if people know how to use and prepare organic matter. This is because it improves the soil and prevents it from compacting and crusting. It increases the water’s holding ability so earthworms and other microorganisms can aerate the soil and it slows down erosion and in later stages of decay so that organic matter is able to release nitrogen and other nutrients which help the crops grow.

Bonsai Style – Slanting (Shakkan Or Chakkan)

The slanting style of bonsai is noted specifically for its acute angles. The trunk and branches of the tree appears to be somewhat blown by the wind, similar to that that grows in nature.

Bonsai Style – Informal Upright (Moyogi)

Another easy style to incorporate, the informal upright or Moyogi in Japanese is known specifically for its trunk that grows upward but bends to the right and left, forming an “S”. Yes, it has pronounced twists and bends, allowing the plant to emerge somewhat in motion, which in turn gives the bonsai the informality it deserves.

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