Sharjah Kids raises awareness of hydroponics technological know-how

Sharjah 24: Sharjah Little ones, affiliated with the Rubu’ Qarn Basis for Building Leaders and Innovators, organised the “Hydroponics” programme, which was introduced very last September, and will proceed until eventually the close of this year, remotely by the visual interaction technological know-how.
The programme focuses on educating children about choice know-how of agriculture that integrates the cultivation of vegetation and aquaculture, like fish and other aquatic animals, in a soil-absolutely free ecosystem, to mature greens in particular ponds, and feed them by way of fish squander to make natural and organic solutions.

The programme involves various workshops dealing with theoretical and realistic factors of hydroponics technological know-how in residences, where by little ones understand about the most vital steps and materials made use of in them.

They are also educated on how to entire the agricultural course of action, and approaches of packaging merchandise to keep their good quality and freshness. The workshops utilize the alternative technological innovation of farming in their houses by creating their own hydroponic farms.

It is noteworthy that Sharjah Youngsters aims via this programme to teach young children about the sustainable setting amongst fish and vegetation, and to introduce them to these kinds of vegetation and how they expand throughout the year, in addition to spreading the tradition of hydroponics.

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