Seed Starter Mix Potting Soil

Mailbox Address Plaques – Making Your Mailbox Stand Out

Use mailbox address plaques to serve a practical purpose in addition to adding a unique decorative look to your home.

Post Germination Bonsai Growing Tips

Once you have germinated tree seeds, how do you make it a bonsai. This short articles will guide you to your first seedling step.

The Herbaceous or Perennial Border, Layout and Soil Preparation

Are you considering planting some perennials? This article explains how to prepare your bed/border for perfect perennial planting.

The Herbaceous or Perennial Border, Plant Selection and Planting Tips

An article explaining how to select and plant perennials for a first-rate herbaceous border.

Gazebo Junction – Leader in the Industry

Thinking of entertaining in the backyard? The gazebo can be a quick and easy way to turn your patio into a beautiful space for gathering with your friends and family.

Growing Ornamental Grasses: Growing Advice and Handy Tips for the Gardener

Ornamental grasses: Advice on growing ornamental grasses and bamboo from the Pot and Grass Company.

The Herbaceous or Perennial Border, An Option For You?

You don’t need a team of gardeners to grow perennials. This article explains why.

Orchid Supplies

Orchids need special fertilizers and growing mediums to reach their full growing potential. Orchid supply companies or greenhouses can usually supply these for you and offer helpful advice and tips on how to get the most out of your orchids

Amish Country Gazebo

The Amish lead very simple lives. They farm their land and raise their children with values that are sometimes forgotten. The Amish pride and heritage show strong with every Amish country gazebo that is created.

Easy Garden – Plant Your Plants in the Cheapest Planters on the Planet

Not being able to stay away from the flowers and herbs and veggies, I keep running out of planters over and over again. Unfortunately, the nearest store is not right across the street and as it’s really urgent to plant some new seeds I’ve just received in the mail (now!), I am forced to use my creativity

Choosing Easy-Care Shrubs

Shrubs tend to be the centerpiece of most people’s front yard gardening. I think that’s because shrubs are easy, but they’re also expected. Homes without a row of shrubs lining the front look kind of naked and unloved. But it can be difficult choosing the right shrubs for your yard. There are so many

About Bonsai Origins

Find interestingf acts on the beginning of the bonsai art. It might not come from where you think.

Arguing For Paradise

If you have lived all your life in a city, like I have, then your need to be able to view and touch plants is something that has probably haunted you for years. At least in my case, the idea of developing my own garden came naturally one day during a discussion with some friends on my roof. As they saw it, my apartment building had a lot of unused space on the roof, which no one from the rest of the tenants had ever thought of using. Creating my own paradise in the premises of my own house evolved from a simple idea to a challenge that I wished to take.

Summer Gardening Tips

Even if your back yard is smaller than the smallest room of your house that does not mean that this is not a reason for you to leave it to its destiny, without attempting to perform some magical tricks. Landscaping homes and businesses is not that difficult if one can follow the following simple advice.

Water-Saving Ways

Common sense measures, such as taking showers instead of baths and only doing full laundry loads, can also make a big difference. When it comes to water, let’s make our philosophy: Waste not, want not.

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