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Have a Great Garden With Your Kids

Ever wanted to garden with your kids? You can make it fun and educational, too. They’ll learn some things like science and caring for the environment.

Herb Gardening for Everyone

Herbs are a versatile plant that can be used fresh out of the garden, dried for future use in the winter and are also a pretty ornamental plant. If you do any kind of cooking you’ll definitely want to have an herb garden or, certainly, grow herbs in a container on a patio or porch. I grow them as close to the kitchen as possible – that works best for me.

Water Lilies – A Touch of Romance in the Garden

Water Lilies add a touch of romance to your garden. There leaves floating on the water and their majestic flowers can give you a magic relaxed feeling. This article is about the technicalities of growing and keeping them healthy.

The Best Way To Easy Lawn Care

Easy lawn care steps to help you achieve the green you need. Helping to get the yard everyone wants.

Sage, Lavender And The Role Of Silver-Leaved Plants In Garden Design

Garden plants whose foliage color is some variant of silver, grey or bluish-green, are an important resource for the garden designer. The home gardener too should learn how to use them wisely.

Essential Gardening Tools

There are some tools that are so essential, every gardener should have them in the toolshed. Find out which tools you really need to grow a great garden this year.

Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden With This Great Fence – Read This Now!

Rabbits can quickly eat their way through any garden, leaving you angry and frustrated. In fact, many people deal with this same problem on a yearly basis. Most end up giving up gardening altogether. But you do not have to quit your hobby just because of these little critters. There are lots of ways to help protect your precious veggies – remember, rabbits do not just eat carrots. This article will help you build a great fence to protect your garden from rabbits this year.

Rose Gardening Tips

Do you love roses? Luscious rose gardens add a beautiful atmosphere to any home and garden. Even beginners can grow roses with little trouble when learn the basics of maintenance. There are some gorgeous ideas for backyard rose gardening. Although there are many steps to growing a beautiful rose garden, even a beginner can do it.

Buying Seeds Online – When Convenience And Choice Is Important

Back in the good old days the garden center, a DIY store or even a supermarket would be your first port of call, but these days a new option has presented itself! It’s now possible to buy your seeds online, straight from your favorite seed merchants’ website.

How Gardening Gloves Can Help You Grow A Better Garden

Gardening gloves seem like a trivial thing but they can be one of the most useful tools for planting a garden. Find out why.

Shade Gardens Offer Lots of Lovely Possibilities

Many gardeners are challenged by shady spots in their gardens, thinking that nothing will grow there. This article gives some ideas for making the most of your shady garden areas.

Everyday Bonsai Gardening

Think small, think ancient and Oriental, think bonsai. Bonsai can be a very fun and therapeutic hobby, and you can even impress all your friends with your talent. (They don’t have to know how easy it is!) With tiny twigs and pots to grow in, you can create tiny marvels of the plant world in your own home or gardening area.

Gardening Plants Today

The term gardening plants is a very broad term used to describe the various varieties of the plant species. This can refer to vegetables, fruits, flowers, grass, bushes, cactus etc. Flowers alone have thousands of species, and gardening plants as a term has to many species to even start on describing. Plants have characteristics to grow and thrive at different times of the year. Some are made for warm moist weather, while others are made for the dry desert heat. There are gardening plants that can adapt to practically any weather and there are thousands of species to fit your needs.

EZ Organic Gardening Tips

Organic gardening can be one of the most rewarding hobby of all. Growing organic definitely has some string rules that need to be abided for your own health. Growing organic definitely has some string rules that need to be abided for your own health. It is pretty obvious that growing organic requires no pesticides to be involved anywhere in the process. If you plan on growing vegetables or herbs that are to be consumed at a later date pesticides are your worst nightmare.

Tips on How to Manage Your Compost Heap

There are many instances when homeowners choose not to get started with backyard composting because of the perception that it is hard to do correctly. In reality, you just need to collect the basic organic materials, find a place for the compost heap and then allow nature to take over the task. But, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind that can help make the whole process move forward without a hitch.

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