Saving Cucumber Seed

Useful Flower Guide For Gardening

This plant flowers in the fall. Colors vary according to species, pale blue to dark violet with darker stripes or white with orange stripes. It has an orange stigma. This plant prefers a sunny location on well-drained soil. Plant in the summer. An under-demanding garden companion.

Sitting In My Garden

Come sit with me for awhile. Let’s enjoy a garden with the bright beautiful colored flowers. Sitting here on a garden bench.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

A lot of people are looking for safe, yet effective ways to eliminate pests in the home vegetable garden. Diatomaceous earth gives you the ability to do just that. Here is some information on what it is, how it works, and where you can get it from.

Heirloom Tomatoes for Soup

Tomato soup is a popular dish that can be made from fresh garden tomatoes. This soup can then be frozen or canned for use during the cold winter months. Heirloom tomatoes will provide unique flavor for any soup recipe.

Small Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Many gardeners and cooks enjoy small tomatoes in salads and as garnishes. Growing heirloom tomatoes allows for greater variety and more flavor. These small tomatoes are commonly referred to as cherry, grape or pear tomatoes.

Rockwool for Hydroponics – Yes or No?

Hydroponic growing systems have one major advantage over traditional soil based farming and gardening – plants grown hydroponically will grow at a much faster rate than soil based plants, 30 to 50% faster on average. The overall yield of the plant will be significantly higher also. This is largely achieved due to a few different factors; the nutrients in a hydroponic system are mixed in with water and fed directly to the plants roots (as opposed to traditional soil where a root system would have to “search” for nutrients in the soil), hydroponically grown plants require very little energy to attain and break down food, and most importantly, hydroponics can utilize extra oxygen by way of the growing mediums used. So, what is the most effective growing medium for hydroponics? Rockwool. Not familiar? Read on.

Three More Organic Pest Control Tips For Your Garden

A beautiful garden without the invasion of plant infesting pests, wouldn’t it be wonderful? But to keep our lovely gardens intact we must keep these little invaders at bay as they can destroy a garden. Read on to learn how to make your own safer, organic insecticidal soap and more organic pest control techniques.

Growing Tomatoes Hydroponically

Whilst it is true that setting up a hydroponic gardening system is quite a complicated project, hydroponics is a fascinating subject and one that can reap dividends. Better still, it is an environmentally friendly growing method that can be adapted to small areas, even minimal apartment balconies.

Peony Roses

Humans have always been attracted to the natural fragrance and aura that roses create. Some people enjoy simply viewing the beauty of roses and one cannot speak of ornamental roses without mentioning Peony Roses. These flowers belong to the Paeoniaceae family so they are not, in fact, true roses. Peony roses produce rose-like shaped flowers that have amazed many enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Review of Potato Varieties

It is amazing to discover that the humble potato comes in many varieties and colours. The sad part though is that if you aren’t aware of the possibilities, you may find yourself severely limited in terms of choice when it comes to seed and stock possibilities to plant in your home veggie garden.

The Challenge and Rewards of Growing Globe Artichokes

Absolutely delicious to eat, the globe artichoke is sadly not a favourite in the average home garden. Nevertheless, if you have the space to accommodate a reasonable number of plants, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Transplanting Roses – Tips to Relocate Your Roses

Roses require a lot of care and dedication to ensure proper vigor and health. One thing, which is not easily performed, is transplanting roses because they are sensitive to being moved. If you want to transplant your roses successfully, you must administer proper care while performing this task.

Growing Healthy Tomatoes: Diseases and Fungi Prevention

Tomatoes are one of the most popular, and easiest crops to grow. That doesn’t mean that they are immune from disease and fungus, however, and you should be taking steps to prevent any problems with these annoyances. Learn some simple and effective tips on how to keep your tomato garden healthy and disease free!

The Numerous Names of Roses

There are approximately one hundred and fifty varieties and names of roses along with twenty-thousand hybrids. The plant is a flower that represents many things to individuals such as passion and love. They are also known for their long stems that often carry thorns as if they are protecting the cupped blooms of the colorful plant.

5 Tips to Watering Tomato Seedlings

Fresh tomato plant seedlings are at their most vulnerable when they are transplanted from the seedling pot to a larger pot or the ground. And they need every bit of help they can get. These five tips to watering tomato seedlings will help your tomato plants to begin their lives as strong, tall specimens with bountiful harvest of juicy tomatoes.

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