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Out of Hand

Some things are just naturally out of our hands and brings to mind Will Roger’s quip, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.” That seems to be even truer today when one can hear discussions about global changes on almost any media outlet or at social gatherings.

Maybe Tomorrow

Expectations are funny things: they truly are in the eyes of the beholder, and once having entered the eyes, expectations flow out from joyous highs to despairing lows. It is usually from the digesting of limited points of view that we expel those lower expectations, those glimpses of what we conjure the future to hold.

How to Take Care of a Venus Flytrap

Taking care of a venus flytrap is not as difficult as it may seem. Although this plant is unusual and highly interesting, some basic care is all that it needs to flourish.

Beginner’s Guide to Herbs and Herb Gardening

Are you interested in learning more about herbs and how to grow them? It really doesn’t take an expert to grow beautiful and tasty herbs. Learn a little about the herbs you choose to grow, follow the instructions for growing them, have a little patience and enjoy your herbs!

What Are Perennial Plants?

Perennials are long lived non woody plants, herbs and flowers. This plants usually have a longer life span. How long they live depends on the garden conditions, still they live longer than annuals.

Vegetable Grower Greenhouse – Choosing a Set of Do it Yourself Vegetable Grower Greenhouse Plans

There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh vegetables. But who knows where your grocer gets their veggies, much less what is in them. Many people these days are discovering greenhouse how to plans for building their own greenhouse. You too can build your own greenhouse inexpensively and quickly enjoy the “fruits” of your labor. (Pun intended!).

Composting – Best and Worst Locations

The location of your compost pile is a very important issue. We need to make sure it gets the proper sunlight, water and shade in order for it to decompose properly. It also needs to be convenient for the number of times you will be visiting it and yet it should be out of the way of family activities and pet traffic.

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

There is nothing better than the taste of a fresh from the vine tomato sandwich. This year I added two new (for me) tomato plants to my garden. I tried growing heirloom tomatoes. I purchased a Purple Cherokee and a Black Kril, both heirloom varieties.

Herb Gardening Tips

Are you passionate about learning tips on how to plant herbs in your garden? Wondering how to harvest and grow you own oregano or basil at its best aroma? Here are some tips for beginners or novice about growing a herb garden.

Tips For Home Herb Gardening

Making and developing home herb gardens is fun and easy to do and you can make a profit out of it. It’s like a small farm that you take care of. You water them everyday, check the spaces, toil on it, put some fertilizers if needed and even put some shade to your plants when its too hot.

Herb Garden Plants For Your Home

There are many herbs you can choose to plant and cultivate it in your garden, whether you want a variety of medicinal herbs, or herbs to be used as spices and added in cooking or just simply flowers that give colors and scents. Learn how to choose them in this article.

Italian Garden Herbs

Italian herbs have been very popular to most people, especially to those that indulge into culinary. Some of these common Italian herbs are rosemary, basil, oregano, garlic, sage, fennel seeds, and parsley.

Herb & Vegetable Garden

Having an herb garden can make all the difference in the world when it comes to cooking. This article is all about having an herb and vegetable garden that grow well together.

Cat Repeller

Do you get sick of pesky cats entering your garden? Now there’s a way to stop them – cat repellers.

Great Tips For Plating Tomato Seeds

Do you think planting tomatoes is that easy? For people who already know the techniques behind tomato planting, it is kind of easy. However, it will be difficult but challenging for those who still want to start planting tomato seeds.

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