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Shredders – Which One to Choose

When piles of prunings pose a problem, sort it with a shredder — it’s the business for converting heaps to handfuls. Then what? Add them to the compost heap, spread them around shrubs, or make a trip to the tip.

Garden Leaf Sweepers for Lawns, Paths and Borders – Which One for Your Garden?

Don’t let those lovely leaves spoil your lawn, make your paths slippery, or go to waste. Read about the different equipment for collecting them up, and then rot them down to improve your garden.


Have you ever tried starting plants from seeds? It’s actually one of the most fun and rewarding things I like about gardening. Plus, it doesn’t cost you much either.

Common Sense Tips to Beautify Your Fall Garden

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that your gardening chores are done – read about how to spruce up your garden for fall.

Fall Tree Colors – Sweet Gum

Sweet Gum is an important ornamental tree of America, mainly because the star shaped attractive deciduous leaves take on a striking burgundy red appearance in the fall. It is an attractive tree year round, though with seeds that are moderately important to wildlife.

The Okinawa Holly Makes An Excellent Tree For Bonsai Based On It’s Popularity With Bonsai Lovers

With its green, serrated leaves, the Okinawa Holly is a beautiful tree and also a good candidate for bonsai. The Okinawa Holly is native to the northern hemisphere. It’s easy to grow indoors, copes well in semi-shade outdoors, and is very popular with bonsai lovers.

Backyard Butterfly Gardening Made Easy

Inside you’ll find great tips on creating your very own Butterfly Garden.

Fall Leaf Color – Persimmon

The persimmon is a valuable tree to have in the woodland. The fruit is eaten by a great variety of wildlife, including white tailed deer, raccoons, opossums, foxes, some birds and many different types of rodents. It also provides a tasty treat for people, if they can wait for the fruit to ripen properly.

Conversion Tables (U.S.)

These are the conversion tables that are needed in a landscaper’s routine day. Some are hard to recall when needed. Hope they will help you in your landscaping duties. Use for calculation so you don’t over order your landscape supplies.

Aspen Trees

This is an educational article on Aspen Trees. How they grow, what makes them unique and the wonderful uses of the tree.

Palm Trees For Office Indoor Planting Or Outside In The Deep South

Information on the best palm trees to grow indoors.

Building Retaining Wall Without Mortar

Do you want to add beauty and value to your home or business with a stone retaining wall?

Rev Up Your Curb Appeal – Plant a Ginkgo Tree

This article encourages readers to plant a Ginkgo tree on their front lawn to help increase curb appeal.

Rock Gardening – An Expressive Medium That You Can Use To Create Enjoyment For Years

There are plenty of creative choices for the rock garden enthusiast. The Japanese Zen garden is my favorite but you can be just as happy building the most common form, the basic rock garden. With a few insights and techniques you can be enjoying the serenity and beauty of your rock garden soon!

Where Do The Rich Colours Of Autumn Come From

While you are admiring the rich, vibrant colours of autumn, do you ever wonder about the magic that produces them? Read on to discover more.Here in England , Autumn is now definitely upon us. Whilst the days have been beautifully warm and mellow , the nights feel cold and damp, and the evenings are drawing in, becoming darker earlier and earlier

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