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Herb Plants For Your Herb Garden? Why Not!

Deciding to plant herb plants in your herb garden is an attractive activity beside your busy hours. People commonly plant culinary herbs in their kitchen garden. There are several plants they commonly plant such as Basil, Oregano, Sage, Thyme and many more. You will not be difficult in planting herb plants, since herb plants are easy to grow. Permanent herb plants need whole sun and not much water.

Organic Herb Seeds – Want to Be Healthier? Get It!

Try to have Organic herb seeds to be planted on your herb garden. Having organic herb seeds on your herb garden is much healthier rather than the non-organic ones. Professionals stated that herb gardening, with innate fertilizers, natural weed elimination method, and organic seeds, is much better. In fact, non-organic seeds which have been modified genetically are the opposite of organic seeds. So, planting the nature-changed seeds on your garden is not suggested.

Getting What You Pay For With Synthetic Grass

If you are thinking about synthetic grass, there are many things you should consider before settling on one product and making a big investment. Not every synthetic grass company is the same, and they do not all provide the same caliber of products; some are not worth the money.

Garden Pest Basics

Gardening would be much simpler if we didn’t need to worry about garden pests, but these little insects are hungry and they want to eat our plants! One tip is that simple garden cleanliness helps. Insects can breed in piles of waste, although a well kept compost pile will do no harm.

English Cottage Gardens

A cottage garden can be a small garden on a limited plot of land or it can encompass many areas of a large garden with planting areas that have different plants, such as flowers, trees or vegetables. The best way to accomplish an English cottage garden is see if your friends, neighbors or family are willing to share their clippings.

Vegetable Gardening Rewards

The hard work that we put into our garden has given us a few of the pleasures of living off the land. We now know how to survive by growing our own fruits and vegetables without using products that destroy our planet.

Rose Tree Garden Secrets

Rose trees are different from rose bushes in the fact that they are actually propagated in resemblance of a tree. It consists of a three foot long cane void of roses and two graphs. One is taken at the top center of the cane and the other at the bottom near the roots. The care of these trees can be very tricky and a lot of hard work but with proper care, raising a rose tree garden can be very rewarding.

Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #2

Intermittent mist keeps the cuttings and the immediate area cool. So why does the cuttings and area need to be cool?

Choosing a Site For Your Home Vegetable Garden

Home vegetable gardens are beautiful! They add a feel to a home that no other types of plants can ever add. There is no need to hide them in the backyard or similar, as your parents may have done. Most of us won’t have a lot of choices when looking for a spot, but even a mediocre spot can have very good results.

English Cottage Gardens

People in United Kingdom love gardening, so they always make it a point to have a large and vibrant garden next to their beautiful cottages. A cottage garden is a very unique style of garden which is decorated using modern paintings, ornamental plants, traditional materials, edible plants, wonderful designs and some very brilliant flowers.

It’s Time to Think About Extending the Growing Season

Once July starts winding down and the garden starts to slowly die down you think about a fall garden as well as keeping some of those wonderful tomato plants going as well as lettuces and some other easily grown veggies and herbs. The question is; how long can you keep your garden growing?

7 Hot Tips on Caring For Roses

Caring for roses can be a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of work. They are the hardest flowers to keep healthy. There are many things that you can do to ensure your plants are a success. The most important thing to remember about pruning is to remove any dead or dried out branches. Try to cut low and in a diagonal direction as this will help to prevent water pooling. Make sure to keep your pruning shears cleaned to prevent diseases and pests.

Worm Farming – Uninvited Guests

The Black Soldier may be an uninvited guest in your worm farm, (and a pretty ugly one at that), but did you know that this creature is completely harmless and is also a great composter that can clear away organic waste faster than your worms can?

Garden Decorations and Birdhouses Can Add Beauty and Charm to Your Outdoor Living

Adding decorations to your garden can be very satisfying and relaxing. There are many different ways to do this that will not break the bank.

Plastic Garden Storage – Is a Deck Box Right For You?

Deck boxes are a popular type of plastic garden storage. These containers provide a convenient place to stow garden tools and supplies, making your yard look nicer and keeping paths clear for pedestrian traffic. Before you buy a deck box, consider the following six questions.

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