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Now is an great time to start off planting vegetable gardens. A wide range of kinds can deliver an considerable harvest if planted and taken care of appropriately.

The backyard garden desires to be planted in an area that gets comprehensive solar. Do not plant the yard close to or beneath trees and shrubs considering that their shade and level of competition for nutrition and drinking water will inhibit the advancement of the vegetable vegetation. To stay away from shading out the decreased rising vegetation, plant the taller kinds, this kind of as corn and pole beans, on trellises, on the north facet of the yard. The garden must be no much larger than what you sufficiently can manage. It must be close enough to a drinking water supply for convenient h2o software. Supplemental watering will be important to keep the vegetation in the best possible problem in the course of dry durations.

The vegetable back garden requires to have soil that is moist and nicely-drained. Natural soil amendments, these types of as peat moss, composted manure, topsoil, and compost, should really be added to assistance boost the aeration and drainage of the soil. The ideal pH for most vegetables is 6. to 6.5. Take into consideration obtaining your soil tested through Extension for pH and soil nutrient levels to get the suitable fertilization and liming tips. If you have not experienced your soil analyzed, implement a comprehensive fertilizer with a formulation these types of as 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 at 20 lbs . per thousand square toes and then combine it into the soil.


Following the floor is geared up and fertilized, you can begin planting. Veggies can be planted in two techniques: by transplants and by seeds. Transplants are modest youthful vegetation seeded in containers indoors or in greenhouses 4 to eight weeks previously.

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cabbages are frequently planted as transplants. Plant them as deep as the leading of the root ball, cautiously agency the soil about them, and utilize drinking water.

Beans, squash, peas, melons, radishes, and other individuals can be planted as seeds. Refer to the directions on the seed pack on how deep to plant, then go over with the important total of soil and business the soil all over the seed by pressing the soil down evenly with a garden resource. H2o the seeds comprehensively right after planting. For information on planting times and spacing, you should refer to the following UGA Extension Publication Vegetable Gardening in Georgia: https://

The back garden should really be watered extensively at the very least as soon as a 7 days in the absence of rainfall. The h2o requires to penetrate deeply enough into the soil to inspire the development of robust roots. Utilize the h2o instantly to the roots and keep it off the foliage. Do so early in the early morning to enable the crops time to dry just before the night, which allows decrease the likelihood of disorders.
Plant the veggies in rows that are spaced far ample to let you to harvest them and keep the garden. Harvest the vegetables as soon as they are ripe. Leaving greens, this kind of as beans, okra, squash, and cucumbers, on the plant way too extensive will cause them to turn into unpalatable and bring about the crops to cut down or stop production.

Vegetable gardening can be pleasant although supplying bountiful refreshing, healthy veggies. Mindful setting up, awareness of web site conditions, and plant preferences will support make certain the garden’s results. If you in no way planted one, check out accomplishing so this year.

Timothy Daly is an Agricultural and Normal Source Extension Agent with UGA Extension Henry. He might be contacted by cellular phone at 770-288-8421 or by e-mail at


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