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oyster mushroom chandan wikimedia
Photo by Chiring Chandan from Wikimedia Commons.

Room habitats of the foreseeable future have to have to come up with ways to sustain their foodstuff supply devoid of based on resupply missions from Earth. 

This is why Jane Shevtsov, administrator of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),  partnered with scientists from NASA (Countrywide Aeronautics and House Administration) and mushroom organization Fungi Perfecti to check how fungi could help transform asteroids into soil. Shevtsov came up with the strategy just after she uncovered the purpose of fungi in the early soil formation of Earth.

Fungi are able to switch rocks into soil as their mycelium, the collective time period applied to describe the fungi’s root-like buildings, exerts big quantities of stress on the surface of rocks. This lets them to penetrate modest cracks, breaking them down and turning them into soil by way of a approach that usually takes a long time.

To take a look at if this was feasible on asteroids, Shevtsov utilized a product to replicate asteroid regolith, a layer of unfastened rocky material previously mentioned the asteroid’s bedrock. The material they used was unconsolidated rocks which chemically resembled asteroid regolith. 

Shevtsov tested 15 species of mushrooms to see which one was the most productive in breaking down the simulated regolith. They also extra more sources of food for the fungi to inspire them to colonize the rock.

The results of the review, however nonetheless preliminary, disclosed that the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) was the most effective for the job.

With the locating of the examine, Shevtsov believed that scientists could mature plants in the simulated regolith inside 1 to 3 many years.

Setting up soil-centered agriculture is vital in space as it has many rewards over hydroponics, which is presently the typical way to increase crops in room. Soil-based agriculture is less complicated to expand and makes it possible for individuals to compost their natural and organic squander. Much more importantly, soil-primarily based agriculture will allow space habitats to become self-sufficient as existing hydroponic know-how is reliant on vitamins and minerals that are resupplied from Earth.



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