Regardless of challenging ailments, gardeners can conquer West Texas warmth

As disheartening as it may be, there are still ways to grow food and make the yard beautiful with vegetables and colorful flowers – just focus on planting things that can take the heat and use water-conserving methods to water.

It’s been a quite discouraging calendar year for gardeners and residence landscapers – the early heat and absence of rainfall is generating water conservation a lot more critical than at any time. The new rainfall and cooler temperatures it introduced had been much wanted and will be a big strengthen to plant development, but the harming hail that came with it was regrettable for individuals regions it impacted.

As disheartening as it may well be, there are even now ways to grow foodstuff and make the yard beautiful with vegetables and colourful bouquets – just emphasis on planting issues that can get the heat and use h2o-conserving techniques to drinking water.

Veggies to plant this time of yr involve okra, cantaloupe, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, wintertime squash, and watermelon. Summer season warmth is fantastic for melons due to the fact it will make them sweeter, so get plants set up now so they will get started producing a crop mid- to late-summer time. Sweet potatoes also notably like the warmth, so start out some slips – just buy healthier looking sweet potatoes from the grocery retail outlet and scrub clear. Cut them in half and suspend more than a jar of water with toothpicks so that they are half submerged in the h2o. Position in the vicinity of a window and shoots will form – diligently get rid of the slips and plant in well-geared up soil or in containers with excellent top quality potting combine.

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