Raised beds are an alternative for individuals who want to prevent tilling

Not overworking the garden soil can be an important key to success.

A short while ago, I was performing with a group of local community gardeners who had been planning to obtain a mechanical tiller for their back garden.  

Even though the discussion started off with the question of what style and size of rear-tined tiller to obtain for use this spring, my issue to the gardeners was regardless of whether they definitely need to use a mechanical tiller in the yard.  

Right after some quizzical looks from the gardeners, I stated that recurring use of mechanical tillage is occasionally harmful to the efficiency and health of soils.

Mike Hogan

Some gardeners do mechanical tillage each individual spring believing that tillage is required for continued productivity of the soil, or simply because that is what their mom and dad or grandparents did.

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Other gardeners may well use mechanical tillage only when they integrate nutrition and organic make any difference or when they need to have to crack up compacted weighty clay soils. Nonetheless other gardeners will steer distinct of all tillage in an hard work to prevent detrimental the structure and overall health of the soil.

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