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Bonsai Is a Fascinating Living Craft

Bonsai is a fascinating ancient craft that enables you to artificially dwarf trees and grow them on a miniature scale. The word bonsai means “trees in trays”.

Making the Most From Your Real Christmas Tree

Most of us love to bring in a real tree to decorate our home at Christmas time. But they can be expensive and many will argue, environmentally wasteful. Here are a few tips for those who are prepared to splash out.

Bokashi Composting: Less Labor, Better Results and a Healthier Method Overall

Learn how Bokashi composting can make your life easier and greener! Anaerobic composting takes less effort, creates less foul waste, and helps recycle food waste.

6 Inch Inline Fan

Indoor gardens need to be properly ventilated so the air does not get too contaminated. They are also used to keep the greenhouse cool, which is essential to keep a consistent temperature in the green house. This can be accomplished with the use of an inline fan. Inline fans can be placed on the wall or the ceiling. The fans are housed in steel so they are strong and reliable. The fans have an aerodynamic shape which is essential for optimum performance. The duct opening comes in various sizes, from six inches and up. It spins at a speed of 1060 cubic feet per minute. The motors of the inline fans are very efficient. Inline fans can also be very easily installed as they have wall and ceiling mounts. And to top it all off, there is a two year warranty.

Aquarium Farming

Have you raised fish in your home aquarium? If you are anything like our family we have raised both fresh water and salt water fish as hobbies and as teaching opportunities for our children. But, are you excited about the new trend of aquarium farming as a method of growing fish, vegetables and fruits?

How Can I Grow Mushrooms? Oyster Mushroom Cultivation: An Easy and Great Way to Get Started

Oyster mushroom cultivation may sound like a complicated task, but it does not have to be. Potential oyster mushroom cultivators simply need to explore their options and decide which form of cultivation is right for them. An oyster mushroom garden can be made indoors or outdoors.

How to Buy Landscaping Supplies for Your Next Project

Are you planning an outdoor project for your home? Do you simply want to make your home’s exterior look absolutely beautiful? Do you want to develop a gardening hobby? Landscaping your home is certainly no small task, but it can be a fun and rewarding process. Whether you want a gorgeous back yard, a beautiful front walk, or a simple flower garden, landscape supplies are necessary for your project. With the right landscape supplies, your landscaping job will be much easier.

Does Your Greenhouse Require a Foundation?

There are many different greenhouse designs. Some structure are very simple in design and others more complex. The simpler designs usually require no foundation or floor. The larger more complex structures tend to be more permanent and require a foundation and floor.

Hedging Plants and How They Can Enhance Your Garden

In certain situations, a new hedge for your property could be the perfect solution to help you resolve an issue that in some way compromises your enjoyment of your home. Sometimes it is not until you have been living in a property for some time that you come to realise that being overlooked by passersby or your neighbours feels intrusive, or perhaps reach a point where you have had enough of an ugly view or a main road that looks, sounds or feels far too close for comfort.

Commonly Used Aquaponics System Designs For Growing Food

They are a number of aquaponics system designs that are used to grow healthy organic food. They can be defined by whether they use some type of grow media or not.

Discover Ways To Keep Your Storage Shed Looking Good

After building your own storage shed or having a contractor build it you want it to look good and last a long time. After investing your time and money into the shed keeping it looking good is just important as keeping your house looking good and maintained. Every yard is in need of a garden or storage shed and the longer is last the better.

Common Pepper Plant Problems and How to Solve Them

Hot peppers and sweet peppers share almost all of the growing requirements for tomatoes. So, basically if you can grow tomato plants, you can also grow pepper plants. Choose spot that is sunny and where there is much soil moisture but with a good drainage. If you will grow both sweet and hot peppers, provide enough spacing to avoid cross pollination.

Construction Ideas For Summer Houses

The good summer house manufacturers offer a number of extra options for the building of a good summer house and it is well worth considering the advantages of using these different manufacturing techniques. It is very easy to consider that this system of selling is just to get the price up but it is one industry where the extra options give a serious improvement to the overall building that can seriously save time and money at a later date.

Nutrient Monitors

Plants need a lot to grow. If you want to ensure not only full, proper growth, but also growth that is healthier than ever, you need to have complete control of your garden. By understanding the necessities of your plants and the facts about what you are giving to those plants, you can give them the absolute best. The way to make sure this happens is to use nutrient monitors. These will measure a long list of important things, like pH and parts per million or PPM, so that you can make the decisions that best benefit your plants. When you know what they need and how your current supplies can help them, it is possible to see better results than you have ever seen.

5 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

Garden fresh produce doesn’t have to be limited to just one season. By growing your vegetables indoors, you can have fresh vegetables all year long. Here are some things to watch out for when starting your very own indoor garden.

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