Proper Planting

Care of Orchids – How Much Light Do You Have?

Appropriate light is essential to caring for orchids. Orchids aren’t difficult to grow, if you can provide the right light. But how can you tell how much light your windows actually give your plants?

Garden Perennials – Asters

This article looks at the popular group of garden perennials known as Asters. Popular species, such as the Michaelmas Daisy, are discussed. Also included are hints and tips about the cultivation and propagation of Asters together with information about pests, diseases and other problems.

Urban Composting

Whether you live in a high rise building or in the country you can use your kitchen waste to make compost. Easy to use indoor compost machines make turning your kitchen scraps into rich compost easy and fun.

Junipers and Ice Plants – A Phenomenal Plant Combination

Home gardeners in a dry climate, sometimes think that saving water and having a stunning garden do not go together. Here’s an idea that can allow you to have both.

How To Keep Happy And Healthy Houseplants

Are you having problems raising your houseplants? Are your houseplants shriveling and you don’t know why? You may be over caring for your plants. Find out what you might be doing wrong. Where do you keep your houseplants?

Zodiac Sign Gardening

The first farmers were probably the founders of astrology. Their crops responded to the signs in the heavens and this became a convenient method of ensuring good harvests. We can use this knowledge as well.

Garden Perennials – The Geranium

This article looks at the geranium, a popular garden perennial plant. It explains about the plant, how to cultivate and propagate it and takes a look at some of the most popular species.

Grape Pruning

In order for you to produce a healthy vineyard chock full of luscious grapes, you will want to discover the techniques to prune grape vine. This short article will hopefully provide you a clearer understanding of this grape vine pruning process. “All first-year-old canes that grew along the cordon shall be pruned back to either three to five-node spurs as fruiting wood or one-node renewal spurs as vegetative wood…

About Bonsai and Bonsai Wiring

If you like trees and you have from always wanted to have one, but you don’t live in a big house and you don’t own a huge garden there is a solution for you in miniature trees called bonsai. Bonsai actually originates in Chinese penjing which means tray scenery, but bonsai trees later also developed in some other countries like Korea, Vietnam and Japan from where the word bonsai originates. In translation bonsai means potted plant.

Caring for Junipers in Mediterranean Gardens – The Most Important Points To Remember

Junipers are often thought of and with good reason, as mainstays of Mediterranean and dry climate gardens. The different varieties provide solutions to many design issues such as the need for screening, ground cover, and vertical accent. They are hardy to cold and drought, remain largely unscathed by pests and disease and require minimal maintenance.

Planting for the Birds – Healthy Backyards

This concept is touted by no less than the National Audubon Society. The concept is to create a yard in which one increases the food, water, shelter and nesting opportunities for wildlife while decreasing water and pesticide use. Generally, one landscapes so that lawn size is decreased, but the diversity of native, non invasive plants is expanded.

Meet the Gardener’s Friend – The Ladybird

This tiny, colorful insect is called a ladybird. In North America it is known as a ladybug or a lady beetle. Other countries have their own names for it. Although beetles are not everyone’s favorite insect, ladybirds are generally viewed with affection. They fascinate children, and gardeners and farmers welcome them with open arms. What makes them so popular?

Starting Seeds Indoors by Moon Phases

Seeds are alive but in a state of hibernation. By keeping them indoors, observing the proper moon phase, and adding moisture and warmth you will stir them into growth and start them on their path to maturity.

Junipers In Mediterranean Gardens – Design Issues to Consider

Junipers if used correctly can form the basis of an extremely satisfying garden composition. For gardeners in dry and Mediterranean climates, they are especially relevant.

If You Know How to Grow Seeds, You Don’t Have to Wait For Spring

A few weeks ago, I was doing some cleaning. It’s kind of like spring cleaning except that it takes place long before spring is even close. And guess what, I found packages of wildflower seeds. Spring seeds! It made me long for the summer. And… it made me decide to create my own spring. Wanne join me? Here is how to grow seeds. Let your Spring begin!

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