Proper Planting in Mountain Soils

Growing Chili Peppers – Here is How to Do It

Growing chili peppers is becoming more and more popular. It is attracting all sorts of people from regular gardeners looking to grow something more exotics to lovers of spicy food. Whatever your reason growing hot peppers is easier than most people think and incredibly fun and rewarding.

The Secrets of Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponics allows you to produce almost any plant in an artificial environment without soil. Experiment with Tank farming systems is a well-liked hobby with people growing plants in everything from small cups to room sized systems. Nearly any plants can be produce without soil given the good situation. This, if anything, is the secret of hydroponics.

Details of Rock Garden Construction

As a large amount of soil must be removed, which can be piled up around the outside, the height of the sloping sides which are to be planted is considerably augmented. A depth of four or five feet below the natural ground level provides space for planting six to eight feet high.

Materials For Rock Garden Building

Often the stones of which the rock garden is to be constructed may be obtained locally; sometimes on the place itself. Under these conditions, we must usually take what is available, and make the best of it. But not all stones are equally appropriate for rock garden building.

Growing Roses – 5 Secrets to Growing Show-Quality Blooms

I have won many ribbons at various rose shows over the years and the five pointers outlined here have been the backbone of my efforts. You don’t have to take your roses to the local rose show but if you follow the five tips, you will be delighted with the blooms that you can grow. With these five “secrets” growing roses just got a little more exciting.

If You Need a Good Ground Cover Or Plant to Cover a Bare Wall This is the Plant For the Job

Creeping Fig is a beautiful evergreen perennial vine with superior root clinging ability. It is a very popular landscape plant in many warm climate areas. This is one of the best vines for creating dense green coverings due to it’s fine attractive foliage, shade tolerance and fast growth rate.

Growing an Organic Garden

The first thing you’ll need to start growing a organic garden, besides a space laid out for your vegetable patch, is organic gardening seeds. Sure, you can use regular vegetable seeds, but for a real organic garden, you need to start with organic seeds, too. You can find them at a variety of sources, and always make sure that you’re buying certified organic seeds from a certified organic grower.

Organic Gardening – Easy, Fun, Healthy & Cheap

Furthermore, other benefits to growing your own organic plants is that you will save money. With soaring gas prices, it could cost more than it is worth just to drive to the grocery store. This year it seems that all food prices have gone up dramatically along with the gas prices.

Killer Fertilizers

If you use a chemical fertilizer or pesticide, chances are that a toxic substance called arsenic may be lurking about in your garden. Though arsenic is a natural element found in the earth’s crust, large quantities of the substance are found in our soil and water and proven to be harmful.

Trace Elements From Sea Water

A prominent agricultural scientist named Dr. Murray Maynard wrote a best selling work called “Sea Energy Agriculture.” A pioneer scientist when it comes to the development of seaponic farming, Dr. Maynard has been praised for his research on trace elements found in sea solids. When used on farmland, sea solids as Dr. Maynard demonstrated, proved to be beneficial not only to the land but to the overall health of the produce.

Bonsai Trees – Giving the Gift of Bonsai Trees

Whether the occasion is a birthday, secretaries day, mothers day, fathers day or the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) bonsai trees make great gifts. Bonsai trees are a perfect gift for any loved one born with or without a green thumb. If you know someone special who loves and takes delight in caring for plants then bonsai trees may indeed be the perfect gift. Here are the items you will need if you decide to give a bonsai tree as a gift.

How the Experts Creates a Boggy Conditions in Damp Gardens

Living with damp soils is another interesting prospect. The gardener simply has to accept the fact that the soil is always wet and create a bed that is based on plants that like boggy conditions.

10 Great Ways to Decorate Your Window Boxes For the Holidays

It’s that time of year when houses sparkle with twinkling lights and holiday yard art turns ordinary lawns into magical spectacles. This year when you plan your outdoor holiday decorating, why not enlist your window boxes in novel ways? Here are ten ideas from Hooks and Lattice for including dormant window boxes in this year’s holiday decorating scheme: Many garden stores sell small Christmas trees of evergreen, rosemary or ivy.

Beginning a Rose Garden

When you look at a rose garden in full bloom, you see all the vibrant colors and smell the heady fragrances. But when you think of starting a rose garden of your own, you think of all the difficulty in maintaining them and how time consuming it all is. But in actuality, starting a rose garden isn’t any harder than growing other plant or shrub in your landscape.

Composting – A Green Solution For Household Waste

Waste management experts report that “food waste represents almost 15 percent of the total waste sent to public landfills each year- this is the single largest type of disposed material.” Composting may not be the most glamorous of home improvement projects, but name another scenario where you can improve your garden, and do something for our planet by having less trash to go in our landfills every week. Starting your own compost is simple and has an enormous return.

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