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Growing Grapes – Securing Grape Vine Shoots To The Trellis Wires

Securing the grape vine’s shoots to the trellis has many advantages and should be done to prevent damage to grapes. Here is how you can secure your grape vines to the trellis wires.

Slug Nematodes, Safe Natural Pest Control

Slug nematodes are microscopically small worms that are capable of effectively parasitizing and killing slugs. Totally safe to use, will not harm pets, people or wildlife.

Codling Moth

The major cause of maggot damage to apples and pears is the caterpillar of the Codling Moth. This codling moth trap provides a warning as to if and when control measures are needed. This Agralan trap is bird friendly, it has restricted openings to stop birds being caught

How Big Is Your Lawn?

Before shopping for fertilizer or other lawn care products, you need to have an estimate of the square footage of the area to be treated. The majority of lawn products are sold based upon the size of the lawn. The square footage of your lawn can be calculated one of two ways: calculate the entire lot and subtract non-lawn areas, or break the lawn down into sections and calculate the area of each, then add them together.

Designing an Herb Garden for Looks

When designing an herb garden merely for aesthetics or for providing a splash of color in an otherwise dull landscape, many people choose to plant their herbs in patterns that will display vibrant color as they bloom, and at the same time blend in to the rest of the yard landscape. There are certain things that you need to take into consideration. When planning an herb garden for aesthetic visual pleasure. The shape of your garden is most important.

Container Gardening Basics For Success

Container Gardening is becoming more and more popular as the population of cities and suburbs increases. Your “garden” is movable and so it is easier to manage pests and garden environments.

Agralan Enviromesh Tried and Tested

Agralan Enviromesh was developed and perfected following many years of trials in Germany, Holland and the UK. These trials ensured that the fabric was: Lightweight – so no physical damage may occur Maximum light penetration – ensuring crops do not become weak and ‘leggy’ Maximum ventilation – ensuring no serious risk of diseases developing Enviromesh was the first insect netting to be made available to gardeners in the UK. Some customers still have Enviromesh they purchased nearly 15 years ago!

10 Easiest Vegetables To Grow In Your Organic Garden

When you’re just starting out as a newcomer to organic gardening, it’s great to get some successes on the board as soon as possible. I’ve put this list together of my top 10 easiest veggies to grow to encourage you to give it a go. Once you discover how easy it is to grow your own delicious, healthy veggies, you’ll be scratching your head wondering why you didn’t try it sooner.

Garden Plants – The Type Of Plants You Should Avoid Putting In Your Garden

There are many garden plants that could be extremely poisonous and nasty. Are you aware of all the dangers lurking in your backyard, for yourself and your family?

Hosta Basics

Hostas are extremely tough, long-lived perennials that may outlast their owners. The hosta’s common name, plantain lily, was inspired by the large size of its leaves and comes from the Latin word meaning “sole of the foot.” The genus was named in honor of Nicolaus Thomas Host (1761-1834), physician to the emperor in Vienna.

Daylily Basics

Daylilies enjoy a well-deserved reputation for being an easy to grow perennial through out the 48 states. Daylilies are a garden favorite because they are: available in a rainbow of colors, dependable prolific perennials, tolerant of drought and heat stress, grow in most soils, perform well in full sun or light shade, and they are relatively free of pests and disease.

Tomato Success

An up and coming gardening method becoming more popular is planting your vegetables in a container garden. As we have increasingly smaller and smaller yards and land area, this may become a very effective way to produce our healthy food with less space and effort.

Upside Down Tomatoes

One of the new techniques in gardening is in pots that grow your tomatoes (and some other vegetable) upside down, growing out of the bottom of the pot instead of the top. This could be a good solution for health conscious gardeners that just don’t have the space for more traditional methods.

What Tomatoes Will You Grow This Year?

Tomatoes can be as small as cherries or inches across; bright red, golden yellow, or dark purple almost black; spherical, cylindrical or plum-shaped; sharp in flavour or lusciously sweet; firm-fleshed with liquid juice or soft and pasty. What an amazing variety is available to the grower and then to the cook! Don’t stick only with the standard, medium-sized red. There’s a lot of exciting alternatives to be tried this year.

String Trimmer Racks – A Buyer’s Guide

This is a buyer’s guide to string trimmer racks. It will tell you features to look for when buying and things to be careful about when buying used.

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