Privacy Screen and the Secret Garden

Choosing Shrubs in a Garden Design – The Importance of Leaf Texture

When it comes to deciding which shrub varieties to plant in the garden, the task can seem almost overwhelming, especially for the home amateur gardener. The reason for this no doubt stems from the colossal choice available in many countries, though of course not in all. In this article, I’m going to try and simplify matters by focusing on some of the principles of good design, and then applying them to the question of shrubs and bushes. We’ll start by determining the one thing you should not do.

Getting Started With Your Bonsai Hobby

Bonsai is an enjoyable hobby and form of art. However, unlike most other art forms bonsai is unique in that one’s canvas is alive and changing. Aside from the art side of things one needs to develop some knowledge of arboriculture. Along with knowing how to make the tree look appealing one also needs to keep it alive. This article will serve as an overview of bonsai basics to help beginners get started with the hobby of bonsai.

Preventing Garden Weeds – A Guide For The Autumn in Mediterranean Climates

Autumn has arrived in the northern Hemisphere, and with winter approaching, there are two weed issues that should be faced. One is how to prepare the garden so that the weeds are controlled to manageable proportions, and the other is how to deal with noxious perennial weeds right now. I will discuss the perennials later in the article.

Gardening the ‘Easy’ Way – With a Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardening is a relatively new method of gardening that has become popular among many. It involves creating a bed in the surface of your garden, and having your plants placed in them.

Lawn Care – A Little Secret That Can Help You Have One

There are a number of factors which determine the quality of a lawn especially in a dry climate. Correct irrigation, an appropriate feeding regime, regular mowing at the suitable height, are all basic requirements.

Fertilizer Pumps for your Garden – A few Points Worth Knowing

Injecting water soluble fertilizer through the drip irrigation system has its attractions, but before spending a lot of money on a fertigation system, it may be well worth your while reading this article first!

Landscaping Hedges For a Dry Climate Garden – Tips For Choosing the Right Hedge

A finely trimmed hedge is often thought of as integral to a formal garden design. In fact it can be suitable in a more relaxed, Mediterranean styled garden as well.

Garden Hedges – How to Grow a Fabulous Landscaping Hedge

In a recent article “Landscaping hedges for a dry climate”, I outlined the design reasons for growing a finely trimmed hedge. In many garden situations, an informal screen of shrubs is the best design solution, but in circumstances where the hedge has been decided upon as the desired option, it’s important to recognize that maintaining it is no easy matter. So here are the principles behind successfully growing a hedge in your garden.

Designing With Plants – Plants That Should Not Be Forgotten in Planting Schemes

Some of the most suitable landscaping plants for a dry climate garden, sometimes become hard to find. This article explains how this happens, and why it can be worthwhile ignoring fashion and choosing the tried and tested plants for your garden.

Flowers in a Dry Climate Garden – The Five Points you MUST Know

Growing flowers in a dry climate garden is often thought of as impractical. Hopefully, this article will give you some reasons to think otherwise!

Bonsai Care For Beginners

Learn about bonsai care for beginners and how to grow amazing bonsai trees that will stun your friends and family. Many beginner bonsai growers often struggle with the basic elements of bonsai tree care.

Garden Pests – Are you at Risk of Holding an Inflexible Attitude?

Having an organic, bio-friendly approach to garden pests is questionably sound policy. Does that mean though, that you have to be dogmatic and inflexible? Here, a professional gardener shares his own recent mishap.

Growing Peppers – Getting Rid Of Aphids

When growing peppers aphids can be a big pain and destroy many plants in a short time. Find out how to get rid of aphids, greenfly, black fly for good.

Orchid Tips – The Fall Season is Here

The fall season for orchids is an important one. It is one where a great number of the orchid plants need care as well as the change in the basic requirements. Most orchids use this season as a “rest period” to get ready to produce blooms in the winter or spring.

Marvelous Mulch Improves Your Garden

Want to know a cheap, easy way to improve your garden and reduce your gardening workload? This article will explain how a simple layer of mulch will do all this and more.

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