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Spring Time, Time to Start A Garden

It’s time to plant a flower garden, again. Having a flower garden is so beautiful, it makes your house a more warm home to come home to.

Introduction To Rose Care

A notice gardener might not realize everything that goes into maintaining beautiful roses. One must be watchful of many variables to ensure healthy roses. Some of these variables are pruning, feeding, and overwintering.

Which Rose Is Right For Me?

Should I plant them in front or out back? Do I really have the time to commit to maintaining them? Is my soil good enough to nourish them? These are the questions that are on the minds of organic rose gardeners. Let’s dive in to find the answers!

Hydroponic System – What You Need To Do Before Building It Yourself Or Purchasing A Starter’s Kit

before you buy anything or start looking for a starter’s kit, get a few good hydroponic gardening beginner’s guides and take your time to read up on the subject. Then develop a rough idea of the size of the hydroponic unit your want and what you want to grow in it. Much of the beginner’s kits won’t make sense unless you understand the basics of hydroponics and your needs.

How To Water Indoor House Plants – Tips And Resources

Article reveals that houseplants have the wondrous ability to gain most of what they need to thrive through elements in the soil and natural sunlight. The houseplant however does not have the luxury that its outdoor counterparts do in regards to obtaining much needed water. Therefore, houseplants must depend solely on the gardeners hand to provide this essential nutrient – water.

History Of The Bonsai Tree

The bonsai tree has been cultivated for centuries, for not only decoration but also to help people keep their lives in a state of peaceful harmony. Today, the world is a hectic, chaotic mess and almost everyone endures unhealthy levels of stress at times. However, even in our fast paced world of today a person can still use bonsai art to create an environment of serenity. One way to do this is by understanding how the ancients used this art form in their lives.

Organic Gardening Supplies – Best For The Garden?

Now a days it it’s quite common to look around and see people trying to go green. They may drive electric cars or use natural compost or fertilizer. Some gardeners now use nothing but organic products and tools.

An Introduction To Greenhouse Gardening

With a greenhouse, you could be growing your favorite plants, flowers or vegetables all year long. Find out how to get started with greenhouse gardening.

Garden Care – Do Perennials Need Less Maintenance Than Annuals?

Many home gardeners equate the growing of perennial plants with low-maintenance gardening. There are some excellent reasons for preferring perennials to annuals, but saving time and maintenance costs is not one of them.

Organic Garden – A Healthy Alternative

Many people are ‘going green’ and what better way to do this than to start with your food. There has been an increase recently in organic garden projects and it not only helps the environment, it also helps your body because there are no chemicals used when you make an organic garden.

Heirloom Tomatoes – A Variety Of Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are a variety of tomatoes grown from seeds that are usually over 50 to 100 years old. They are non-hybrid, open-pollinated cultivar tomatoes.

Choosing The Right Garden Center For Your Garden

Choosing a garden center for your gardening needs can sometimes be a difficult process. There are many garden centers attached to large box stores and hardware stores and even the grocery stores carry garden center type areas for everything from tomatoes to potted plants. So how do you know what is best for your garden or flower area?

Improve Organic Gardening Using Composting

Building up sustainable soil for organic gardening starts right after the garden soil testing has been completed. The testing of the soil helps to identify the additional fertilizers and conditioners that can be added. When attempting to garden organically, testing, maintaining and improving the soil is a constant process and one that is well worth the effort, according to those who advocate organic farming and gardening.

Growing Your Own Vegetables From Seed

Growing your own vegetables from seed is very easy. It is great fun to watch the tiny seedlings emerge from the soil mix and of course is a great deal cheaper than buying ready grown plants.

Bird of Paradise Flower – Heavenly Beauty

This flower did what we called in the sixties blew my mind. It’s so beautiful I couldn’t believe it grows in our moderate climates as well.

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