Planting Privacy Screens in the Landscape

Orchid Care – Getting Your Orchids Ready for Spring

Many orchids including cattleyas, phalaenopsis (moth orchids), cymbidiums, and paphiopedilums (slipper orchids) will bloom in the spring. If your plants are setting buds, or already in bloom, keep them well watered and do not change their growing conditions drastically. You’ll get nice full flowers that last for their full potential; for phalaenopsis, this could be as long as three months!

The History of the Terrarium

It is little known today but terrariums are also called Wardian Cases and this is in tribute to the man named Nathaniel Ward who began the whole art and science of terrarium making. It started with his unexpected discovery of some plants growing in a sealed bottle.

Mulch Basics

Each spring piles of smelly, smoldering mulch appear in every neighborhood. How much do you need? What type is best for your landscape and garden? When and how should you apply? Whether you mulch yourself, or have landscapers mulch for you, it’s important to know the answers to these questions.

Basic Home Gardening Tips

Home gardening can be very rewarding and it really isn’t that hard! Here’s some tips for growing any kind of plant including flowers, herbs and vegetables that are sure to help you develop your green thumb. There are 3 basic things that you need to know to succeed in home gardening and that is that plants need light, water and soil to survive.

How to Retain the Greenery in Your Garden

Caring for the lawn becomes a pain during the summer. There are certain factors you simply need to keep intact for the grass to look healthy. The amount of water provided, the nutrition level required, the sunlight and the type of plants and their suitability to the environment are big factors that need due consideration.

The Tractor Company You Should Choose

John Deere was created as a company making agricultural implementations. The tractors of John Deere are being put to work all over the world and has gained name and fame in this department. The article throws more light on John Deere Tractors.

Garden Statue For Garden Plan You Want To Create

You are going to have a great time using your good sense and the wonderful pieces of artwork that are out there. You should find something that is not going to embarrass you or your neighbors but show off your decorating skills.

Garden Augers in Your Garden

You are probably familiar with wood and metal drills but are probably not as familiar with the soil drills known as garden augers. These useful devices stand out in the ranks of specialty garden tools for the quick job they can make of many often encountered outdoor jobs.

Container Gardening For Fun And Profit

City dwellers have long since used window boxes to decorate windows and balconies with colorful flowers, along with house plants to cheer up a dreary apartment. By thinking outside the box you can take this concept much further. Whether you want to grow flowers or vegetables, containers can help to fill small spaces and soilless areas with color and produce.

Harvesting Herbs

In most cases, herb gardens may be harvested on a daily basis. It becomes very easy and convenient to step outside and pluck a few herbs for cooking or to reach over to that container over your kitchen sink for herbs grown indoors for all your meals. Keep in mind that in many cases, using fresh herbs will provide the best flavor and quality. When picked just before they are added to your recipe.

Ornamental Plants That Can Ruin Your Garden

There are a number of ornamental garden plants that one should be wary of for safety reasons, such as those that are highly poisonous, allergenic, or posses dangerous thorns. Although the health and well-being of your family is obviously of primary concern, it should also be remembered that there are many categories of plant that while not being dangerous to people, are liable to become unmanageable. Thereby causing the garden to fall well below the standard you expected and dreamed of. In short there are types of plant that create conditions that can ruin your garden.

Choose Containers For Your Garden Wisely

Twenty years ago, you would not have found many containers suitable for gardening. You could have only found a small number of clay pot and cachepots.

Growing Herbs Inside

A large number of people like to use herbs for their cooking needs all year long. Winter, however, seems to put a damper on growing conditions outside, so gardeners are forced to bring their herbs inside for either growing or cultivation. Still, growing herbs indoors require a special bit of care, and a lot of attention to their light requirements.

Gardening For All Ages

Gardening is a wonderful and peaceful activity that parents and children can do together. Younger children can help dig and put in the plants and older children can help you plan your garden. Here are some activities…

What is a Victoria Garden? You Can Start Your Own Garden and Have Fun Out in the Sun

They are not your regular and average looking flowerbeds; they are something more superior and complicated than that. Having a Victoria garden is going to take a lot of work and effort.

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