Planting our Fall Garden with Baker Creek Seeds

Studying Your Organic Garden

Studying your organic garden can greatly benefit the way you control the pests and improve its soil structure. Gardening with nature is what this method of gardening is all about. Watching and learning nature’s methods will greatly benefit the way you garden.

Creating an Environment in Your Organic Garden to Encourage Beneficial Insects and Wildlife

Working in harmony with nature and not against it is what organic gardening is all about. Predators, both beneficial and pests come in the form of insects and wildlife. They all are a very important part of our natural ecosystem and should be controlled with care.

Keep Your Garden Organic! 5 Home Remedies and 5 Helpful Tips to Beat Common Plant Diseases

You’ve worked hard to keep your garden safe and natural, but what do you do when your plants get sick? You can make simple home remedies for fungus, root rot, gray mold, rust and more, using products you already have in your home. And then follow these simple prevention tips to keep your garden healthy, natural and organic.

Mistakes to Avoid When Edging a Flower Bed

I’ve gardened for fifty years, planting thousands of bedding plants, daylilies and veggies in neat, orderly beds only to find out later the edging materials were seriously flawed. In the early years, budgets were tight so it was important to take the cheapest route possible.

Considerations When Purchasing Deck Rail Planters

Deck rail planters are a great way to add character to your deck or porch with less effort than planting an entire garden. Before purchasing a deck rail planter there are a few factors to consider so your planter will have a positive impact on your outdoor living area without sacrificing your own personal style.

Advantages of Deck Rail Planters

Deck rail planters create a colorful, beautiful outline around your outdoor living space. There are many more advantages to buying a deck rail planter than you may have imagined.

Green Houses, Green Thumbs – How Do You Get Started With Your Own Small Garden Today?

If you are an aspiring gardener, want to be one, or even don’t know where to get started with gardening there is a fabulous place you can go to practice. Your yard. Now before you leave I want you to know that even if your yard isn’t the ideal place to garden, it can be with less work than you may think. With today’s technology gardening is a very simple hobby to take up even if you think you have a green thumb.

Greensand – An Organic Soil Amendment For a Better Tasting Tomato

Tomatoes love Greensand, it is a environment friendly natural fertilizer. It is a great choice when looking for a soil amendment to loosen tight soils or bind loose soils. It can retain one third it’s weight with water.

The Gentle Art of Growing Bonsai Elm

The gray-barked elm (Japanese zelkova) can be trained to form miniatures of the naturally grown forest trees, and will make beautiful bonsai. The gray-barked elm (Japanese zelkova) can be trained to form miniatures of the naturally grown forest trees, and will make beautiful bonsai. These bonsai elm are much sought after. Read this article for tips on their general care.

Dealing With Powdery Mildew – 7 Home Made Remedies That Really Work

Powdery mildew. The scourge of the garden. Sometimes fatal but mostly just annoying, it covers foliage with a white powder that makes plants look bad.

Cut Worms – 7 Ways to Get Them Out of Your Garden Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Few things are as heartbreaking as finding your young seedlings or transplants “beheaded” and laying on the ground in the garden, their stems gnawed off just above ground level. You’ve got cutworms and if you don’t take action fast, you’re likely to loose many other young plants.

Taking Care of Brassia Orchids

Brassia orchids are epiphytic plants that can be found in some of the West Indian islands as well as some parts of America. Named after a prominent plant-life illustrator, the best thing about these odd-looking plants is probably the wonderful smell of their delicately fragranced blossoms. The Brassia is nicknamed the Spider Orchid due to the characteristic shape of its flowers.

6 Easy Garden Projects

There are lots of ways to make a garden more inviting. You can add character, transform it to a magical dreamland, add structure and much more. To help get you started, here are 6 quick and easy projects that you can do to liven up any garden.

Conventional VS Organic Farming and Gardening

The questions about conventional vs organic farming and gardening have been raised with the growing awareness of the disease carrying chemicals in conventional weed and pest control. Is organic farming and gardening better, safer and more nutritious?

Bonsai Basics – A Step-By-Step Guide

One of the most fascinating hobbies is the raising of trees from seeds sown directly in a shallow container. Learn the bonsai basics from this informative article and grow a beautiful forest of small trees.

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