Plant Protector Insulated Wall of Water

Lavendar – Fragrance and Beauty In The Garden

Lavender is a welcome addition to the flower garden. The silvery white foliage is always attractive and the fragrant blue flowers are welcoming and airy.

Using Lawnmower Batteries

There are two different kinds of lawnmower batteries available. This article will give you the pros and cons of the batteries that are available.

The Green, Green Grass

You will find that taking care of your grass includes many different things. By following these tips, your grass can be green and healthy.

Pest Control – Yard Pests

Insects are our friends. Though there are some varieties that can cause problems for us, especially if we are gardeners; there are many varieties that are benign, and others that are beneficial because they control other insects that are pests. Trying to rid your yard, garden or landscape of insects completely is not in the best interest of the overall health of your yard.

Winter Season Checklist

If you have used your mower the last time and haven’t already winterized it, now would be a great time to either drain the mower’s gas or use a gas stabilizer to preserve the fuel. Also, if your lawn mower needs repair or maintenance from a repair shop, now is the best time to take it to the shop. In the spring, there will likely be a wait to get your unit serviced.

Outdoor Furniture-Teak: Understanding Teak

Understanding teak and why teak makes great furniture.

15 Tips For Making A Container Water Garden

Here are 15 tips that will help you create beautiful container water gardens that last all season long.

Buy the Right Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture requirements are usually limited in a household but this does not mean that you should compromise on its purchase and maintenance. Outdoor furniture reflects the mood and aura of the indoor environment of the house. Read on to receive some vital inputs on the aspects of outdoor furniture.

Add Interest To Your Garden With Pampas Grass

Gardens can be bland if they include only flowers – learn how Pompas grass can help add interest to your garden or landscape.

Durable Garden Furniture: Wood Railings And Tables

Wooden picnic tables are one of the heaviest pieces of garden furniture around. They can be very difficult to move about as I found out attempting to do so to mow underneath.

Pest Control – Pest Proofing

There are a lot of us who will freak out at the sight of just one unwanted bug in our home. We may not care in the least about seeing one of these critters outside – but just one crawling across the floor where we can see it will cause us to use whatever means necessary to eradicate every indoor pest we can.

Outdoor Lighting – Create A Fun Space!

Use outdoor lighting to turn your backyard into another room in your house! With the right outdoor lighting, you can enjoy parties and barbeques even after the sun goes down! Use the beauty and ambiance of light to create a sanctuary in your backyard.

Fast Growing Trees To Avoid

When you’re trying to fill bare spots in a newly established landscape, it’s natural to look for the fastest growing trees you can find. Choose carefully, though. Some fast growers cause problems that far outweigh the benefit of a little extra height.

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes

An easy to use guide to get started growing your own organic tomatoes.

Best Quality Gardening Equipment

Well whether you are an expert gardener or maybe just a part time one getting yourself quality gardening equipment is equally as important.

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