Plant identification, moss in lawn, and raised gardening

A: Congratulations on raising a healthful kalanchoe! They are often identified in floral outlets and supplied as presents, and in addition to your white, there are purple, pink, yellow and orange kalanchoes.

Kalanchoes are considered a succulent, with thick waxy leaves. Like other succulents, they expand greatest in a effectively-drained potting combine and recognize much less-frequent watering.

Not like some blooming florist-sort crops, kalanchoes develop nicely in residence situations as a houseplant. They do require a sunny window for very best bloom, and respect a summer season trip outside in a sheltered locale on deck or patio. A gradual acclimation to outside in late May well is important, or leaves will burn if transition from indoors is much too rapid.

Kalanchoes are brought on into best bloom by short times and prolonged, dim nights, equivalent to poinsettias. The shortened days of autumn will sometimes source the specifications obviously, but to make sure total bloom indoors, identify the plant in a space wherever electric powered lights are not turned on in the night, which can disrupt the plant’s inside light-weight sensor.

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Q: We have experienced a significant location of moss expanding in our garden on the north aspect of our house the previous a number of summers. Standard lawn weed killer did not appear to get rid of it. Is there everything that can be sprayed to get rid of it? — Ben S.

A: Moss thrives in shady places having soil that’s compacted, badly aerated and often badly drained. Garden spots invaded by moss are usually minimal in fertility.

Moss invasions are ideal remedied by lawn administration approaches instead of chemical products, which generally prove ineffective. Begin by core aerating the garden in Could, soon after the turf is green and growing, to maximize air circulation in the soil profile. Go more than moss infested regions twice, once in every single route.

Future, overseed the impacted area with a grass seed blend containing 50 per cent or additional creeping crimson fescue cultivars, which is a grass sort that thrives in shade. Fertilize all over Memorial Day and manage a mowing top of 3 inches. Water deeply and infrequently. Moss has problems present wherever turf is thick, deeply rooted, well-fed and vigorous.

Q: I’d like to begin a vegetable yard in our backyard this spring, but I’m not confident no matter if we really should create raised beds or just plant into the ground. Any ideas? — Deb L.

A: Whether to improve vegetables in lifted beds or plant a classic in-ground backyard depends significantly on how significantly room you have, and how big you’d like the garden to be.

In lesser yards, the generation in lifted beds can be phenomenal. Raised beds are most effective created in widths of 4 ft, which would make it relaxed to get to in from both sides when planting, weeding and harvesting. Handiest lifted backyard garden measurements are 4 feet sq. or 4 toes large by 8 toes very long. Make as numerous of these units as preferred to fill your house, getting confident to depart walkways between units for handy accessibility.

Increase gardening lets you to fill the mattress with an improved soil combine, producing a designer mix of topsoil, natural material and aggregate like sand, perlite or vermiculite. These amended soil is quick to get the job done, compacts considerably less, and is terrific for developing crops like lengthy, straight carrots. Research on the net for Sq. Foot Gardening, which is an brilliant strategy for maximizing output in tiny areas and lifted gardens.

If your lawn is rather massive, and you envision larger backyard garden areas than the lifted backyard garden proportions stated, then an in-floor vegetable back garden possibly fits your demands improved.

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